Saturday, June 27, 2009

Travel notes

As we, the KIR family, have just embarked on our first ever DRIVE across the country, I have learned a few things in the 18 hours we have been trapped in an unusually small Ford Expedition. (I would simply make a "mental" mental note of these precious tidbits, but let’s face it, my memory is not what it used to be. So without further adieu:)

Travel Mental Notes to Self:
1) Be grateful -very grateful- that the youngest potty goer in our family is a boy. (Yes, I said it...EEE GADS!)
2) But now that the youngest potty goer is accustomed to the great outdoors, make sure to have lessons/consequences befitting this behavior ready when we get home as this blessed gift is not going to be needed anymore, and may cause some undue frustration.
3) Remember, oh please remember to tell the kids before sending them into the hotel shower NOT to set their clothes on the toilet or their jammies on the yucky floor. Then pack extra in the small hotel bag for when you discover they have forgotten, so you don’t have to get out the HUGEMONGOUS luggage stuffed in the back under all the “to drive” junk.
4) Remember that personal nirvana can be attained by telling everyone to pack any music they want to listen to for our 24+ hour drive and then be the only one to really do it.
5) Remember to forget to pack any shoes except your pool flip flops, which you were only wearing to load the car, so you can go shoe shopping immediately upon arrival of destination.
6) When you get a new surprise video for the kids to watch in the car, make sure it is not some weird half show video that is only 12 stinking minutes!
7) Remember to remind Mr. KIR that if he mentions even one more stinking lake/river/pond that the kids have never seen before I will hurt him – as Pony Girl will most definitely BEG me to take a picture of it as we pass it and yet won’t remember or ask to see it again until I have deleted it 3 months after she requested I take it, and then get very mad that I would do such a thing.
8) Remember if I buy transformers for Little Man and the box says level 2/3 what they really mean is you need a PHD in engineering with a strong auto cad and solid works background.
9) Remember when the girls tell you they want Little Man to sit in the back (3rd row) and promise to buckle/unbuckle him so you don't have to crawl all the way back there, what they really mean is: we will each buckle him once and then complain when you ask us to unbuckle him and then seriously refuse to do either the rest of the way, making you want to leave them on the side of the road , causing one potty accident and Mr. KIR to take over the crawl back there over all their junk to get the poor child out routine. (AND you cannot move LM up as HE would then have cause to be left by the side of the road in some unknown location...and frankly, it is not his fault.)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Memories for the corner of my mind

Things this Mom doesn't want to forget:

1) (For-warning: take a good long brain breath as a run-on in the worst way is about to be read.) You know your little girl is growing up when a monsoon hits and goes on for a good 5 or 6 hours and Pony Girl who has been scared of thunderstorms most of her life and lives not only in the Thunderstorm Capital of the world, but also in a two story house with her bedroom being over the garage, and you go into her room to check on her when she doesn't come a screamin' into yours, and you find her sitting up in bed with just her lamp on reading.

Sigh needed days are numbered.

2) Hannah Montana always says, "Sweet Nibblets."

Little Man always says, "Sweet Nibble Lips."

3) Mr. KIR, his sister and his dad walk EXACTLY the same. I have recently discovered that Sweetums has the same saunter. I LOVE IT!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cooking skills needing overhaul?

Last night I made a favorite dinner: Chicken and Quinoa Salad. Oh, the yumminess that is quinoa, sesame oil, snow peas, and ginger...mmmmmm gooood!

After we ate, a girlfriend (who shall remain nameless...lynne...) came to pick me up for a shopping night. She walks in, sniffin' all the while stating, "There's a skunk stinks."

"It's dinner, " I state.

"No, it's a skunk. Do you smell that?"

"Uh, ya I do, it's dinner."

"No, it stinks, it's a skunk outside."

"It's dinner, come smell this. "

She walks over, sniffs the bowl and giggles. "Oh, ya it is...what is that, I recognize that smell..."

I kindly inform her that it is sesame oil. She then has the audacity to ask for the recipe-

...AS IF!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I think I may have had some B.O.

While Pony Girl has tennis, I walk with some girlfriends around the track. (It is kinda like the tortoise and two being the tortoise.) Yesterday when we got home I was a stinky mess, but wanted to immediately get the kids going on chores before the fun started and their work ethic left by way of the sandbox. Little Man was my shadow and followed, sat, and cleaned along with me. I then made lunch for the kiddos and went to shower - it being noon and all, I figured I might as well (I am on top of it like that!)

Later on I was sitting on the couch and LM came to sit by me. A few minutes into it I heard...

sniff, sniff

"Did you actually SHOWER?"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bed Troubles

You know when your kids ask you for expensive things and you tell them maybe in a few years, and then a few days later you find them at a garage sale for $25.00 by accident and surprise them and they love it, but are a bit confused...and it's kinda sorta funny? Ya, me too.

A few months back I discussed with Mr. KIR that when it was time for Little Man to graduate from his toddler bed we should do some rearranging. I suggested maybe we should get us a new bed, give Pony Girl our queen and LM her twin. Then when guests come, they would have a nice comfy place to sleep. I did all this discussing in front of PG. Big mistake! Since then, she has asked and pestered, looked up beds on-line, and talked about "when" constantly. Last week I finally told her beds were expensive and to stop, we had decided to just get LM a twin and maybe in a few years we would get her a bigger bed. Discussion and bed search DONE!

So this weekend I found an awesome antique bed for Little Man. I brought it home, washed it up and set it up in his room. It turned out to be a double instead of a twin, so I gave it to PG. (Yes, I am that wonderful.) Even though we would have to buy a new mattress for it, she was excited!! And since I had sold LM's toddler bed at a garage sale the previous weekend, and he had been sleeping on the floor with his crib/toddler bed mattress all week, I promptly set up the new bed in PG's room and the twin in Little Man's. I did the whole, "LM look at your new bed, want to sleep on the big bed tonight...and for the rest of your 'at this house' life?" routine. I made a big deal about this and got rid of the toddler mattress. All with PG watching. She had been sleeping in her closet as she made it up to be a library and thought it was the best joint in the house, so I figured a few more days until I got to the mattress store would be no big deal. However, I forgot to mention this part to PG and suddenly she realized she was bed-less. The "library" didn't seem as cozy or exciting, and she asked to sleep with Little Man. She uncomfortably did this for two nights (Saturday and Sunday) and then came to me asking in a serious and concerned voice, "Mom, how much longer before you get me a one or two years or something?"

I promptly told her "Yes" and walked away...

No, you sillies. I giggled, hugged her cute self, and told her we would buy it this week.

She promptly got on the computer and began looking for the perfect mattress...OH BROTHER!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sweet Sweat Bands Man!

I love tennis!

I signed a reluctant child up last year and she loved it.

I signed a second reluctant child up this year. Being nervous and all, she informed me one night before bed, "Mom, I am scared of tennis because I don't know how to play."

I let her know that all the kids in her class would be beginners and the only way to learn is to start.

She looked at me with sincerely unbelieving eyes, and went to bed.

The next day I awoke to little miss Sweetums saying, "YEssssssssss!" under her breathe as the wii slammed away a tennis game. When it was over she triumphantly walked away and informed me that, SHE was ready. Practice was indeed a good thing and she was not scared any more.

Since then they have both been looking forward to lessons starting and have been adorning their tennis racquet's whenever I let them. Folks have heard... and last night a wonderful young women from our church gave the girls sweat bands. Sweetums was so excited and began wearing them immediately. I mentioned that maybe only the wrist bands were needed.

"NOPE! I like the headband Mom."

So today, I have taken pictures of the little sweat band wearer - for posterity sake.

Little Man had to get in on the sweat band action as well... whatever...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Put your dishes away for CRYING out loud....

What happens when you tell your little boy he can't do this:

until he does this?

One hour and 20 minutes of this:
Apparently taking off the swim trunks is suppose to punish me. Three year old thinking is the BEST!