Saturday, June 27, 2009

Travel notes

As we, the KIR family, have just embarked on our first ever DRIVE across the country, I have learned a few things in the 18 hours we have been trapped in an unusually small Ford Expedition. (I would simply make a "mental" mental note of these precious tidbits, but let’s face it, my memory is not what it used to be. So without further adieu:)

Travel Mental Notes to Self:
1) Be grateful -very grateful- that the youngest potty goer in our family is a boy. (Yes, I said it...EEE GADS!)
2) But now that the youngest potty goer is accustomed to the great outdoors, make sure to have lessons/consequences befitting this behavior ready when we get home as this blessed gift is not going to be needed anymore, and may cause some undue frustration.
3) Remember, oh please remember to tell the kids before sending them into the hotel shower NOT to set their clothes on the toilet or their jammies on the yucky floor. Then pack extra in the small hotel bag for when you discover they have forgotten, so you don’t have to get out the HUGEMONGOUS luggage stuffed in the back under all the “to drive” junk.
4) Remember that personal nirvana can be attained by telling everyone to pack any music they want to listen to for our 24+ hour drive and then be the only one to really do it.
5) Remember to forget to pack any shoes except your pool flip flops, which you were only wearing to load the car, so you can go shoe shopping immediately upon arrival of destination.
6) When you get a new surprise video for the kids to watch in the car, make sure it is not some weird half show video that is only 12 stinking minutes!
7) Remember to remind Mr. KIR that if he mentions even one more stinking lake/river/pond that the kids have never seen before I will hurt him – as Pony Girl will most definitely BEG me to take a picture of it as we pass it and yet won’t remember or ask to see it again until I have deleted it 3 months after she requested I take it, and then get very mad that I would do such a thing.
8) Remember if I buy transformers for Little Man and the box says level 2/3 what they really mean is you need a PHD in engineering with a strong auto cad and solid works background.
9) Remember when the girls tell you they want Little Man to sit in the back (3rd row) and promise to buckle/unbuckle him so you don't have to crawl all the way back there, what they really mean is: we will each buckle him once and then complain when you ask us to unbuckle him and then seriously refuse to do either the rest of the way, making you want to leave them on the side of the road , causing one potty accident and Mr. KIR to take over the crawl back there over all their junk to get the poor child out routine. (AND you cannot move LM up as HE would then have cause to be left by the side of the road in some unknown location...and frankly, it is not his fault.)


Life with boys... said...

I'm guessing the secrets of the Furious Five got you too!

Have fun, be safe and enjoy your visit out west...

Lynne said...

we just got home from Indy and got Mark's message about Lawrence -- did you stop there at all or just drive on by? I should have gone with you and hopped out over there for an inpromptu visit.

Marci said...

You are such a germaphobe ;) I mean it's not like you stay at the roach motel - I think that your kids will survive ONE NIGHT with their clothes touching something that may or MAY NOT have germs on it. Besides, look at it this way, they are building up their resistance/immunities to something. Hope you have fun :)

Robyn said...

Cross country trips are definately memorable. I hope you have a safe and fun time.

DIAZ BLOG said...

you make me laugh so dang hard! We have made several long road trips this past year and I swear each time is the last! As for the transformers....what a joke! My preschool kids bring them all the time for show and tell and I can't put them back together for the life of me. Those are NOT childrens toys....they are for DECORATION!!!

All Things Frugal For You And Me said...

Learn from us that you also will not want any children to lock any closet doors that the hotel will not be able to locate keys to for 12 hours!

Thankfully no one was locked in it, but suitcases would have been nice...since the whole reason we went was for Hubs to run a 10k and yes his running clothes/shoes were in said suitcases.

At least they were sorry to the tune of a FREE hotel stay;)

HaPpY TrIaLs & journeys:)

PS I took enough pictures of lakes/rivers if you need any LOL