Thursday, June 18, 2009

Memories for the corner of my mind

Things this Mom doesn't want to forget:

1) (For-warning: take a good long brain breath as a run-on in the worst way is about to be read.) You know your little girl is growing up when a monsoon hits and goes on for a good 5 or 6 hours and Pony Girl who has been scared of thunderstorms most of her life and lives not only in the Thunderstorm Capital of the world, but also in a two story house with her bedroom being over the garage, and you go into her room to check on her when she doesn't come a screamin' into yours, and you find her sitting up in bed with just her lamp on reading.

Sigh needed days are numbered.

2) Hannah Montana always says, "Sweet Nibblets."

Little Man always says, "Sweet Nibble Lips."

3) Mr. KIR, his sister and his dad walk EXACTLY the same. I have recently discovered that Sweetums has the same saunter. I LOVE IT!


Life with boys... said...

Yah Pony Girl!~ a huge step...

Sweetums, I can't wait to see you heels! HA

LM-you keep right on a mimicking, I love the twist you give things!

Marci said...

Oh, I thought about you this morning when the storm rolled through and on the news it said it was headed for your area... And I'm such a great friend that I called to make sure everyone was all right! So sorry I'm a slacker today... I'm glad to hear you are all alright :)