Friday, June 12, 2009

Cooking skills needing overhaul?

Last night I made a favorite dinner: Chicken and Quinoa Salad. Oh, the yumminess that is quinoa, sesame oil, snow peas, and ginger...mmmmmm gooood!

After we ate, a girlfriend (who shall remain nameless...lynne...) came to pick me up for a shopping night. She walks in, sniffin' all the while stating, "There's a skunk stinks."

"It's dinner, " I state.

"No, it's a skunk. Do you smell that?"

"Uh, ya I do, it's dinner."

"No, it stinks, it's a skunk outside."

"It's dinner, come smell this. "

She walks over, sniffs the bowl and giggles. "Oh, ya it is...what is that, I recognize that smell..."

I kindly inform her that it is sesame oil. She then has the audacity to ask for the recipe-

...AS IF!


Life with boys... said...

you are AWESOME!! There I said it, you are absolutely awesome, a one of a kind, amazing person, so don't go changing ANYTHING!

Lynne said...

That is hillarious -- that other Lynne sounds like SUCH A JERK in your post. Sounds like Life With Boys isn't too fond of Lynne's comments -- sure am glad I'm the other one and not that Lynne.

Life with boys... said...

Nope, just helpin a girl out with her so called overhaul, so "other Lynne" not to worry ; )

Robin and Don said...

So your last blog was about B.O. and now your food smells like skunk... I'm smelling a trend!

Robyn said...

Hey, You cooked real food, without burning it! Isn't that overhaul enough for your cooking! We have people say funny things about Spalding's cooking too, not you of course, you know how yummy it is, but new smells can be weird.

Robyn said...

You are so funny, Jackie!~

Robin and Don said...

Dang girl your quick. I just posted my blog like two minutes ago and you had already written a comment. You speed reader you!!

DIAZ BLOG said...

That is really mouth, insert foot! Haven't we all done that once or twice???

Marci said...

Hey, why haven't you ever made this for me? It sounds really good - may be smelly, but it sounds great!