Tuesday, July 21, 2009


1) We traveled a short distance this weekend to visit with some friends (Marci, Ashley, Rachel and their kids.) The first day we went to a great pool and the kids had a blast! However, as we were leaving, Sweetums got her foot caught under one of the doors–O.U.C.H. Blood and screams were all over the joint! Marci grabbed her towel and wrapped the gushing foot (what a sacrifice girl–THANK YOU) while I ran to get supplies to clean and bandage her up.

Today, while we were working on preparing the wounds for tennis/swimming. She says, “Mom, if Marci was my mom, she probably might not have let my foot get hurt.”

Apparently Marci is a much better “safe keeping” kind of mom! WAIT A MINUTE–on second thought...Marci what did you say to my kid when I, the germ-a-phobe, was sprinting barefoot down the dangerously wet, slippery, and disgusting linoleum floor seemingly three blocks to the front desk/check in area to grab the first aid kit?


2) Rachel has three kids who are exactly the same ages as ours: Pony Girl and Eli / Sweetums and Sophie / Little Man and Simeon. It makes for GREAT play dates and has since our friendship began when PG and Eli were little babes. Sweetums and Sophie have an especially close friendship, the kind that makes my heart swell with tenderness whenever I see or think about them. Sweetums feels the same way and often wishes aloud that Sophie was her sister. This weekend she came up with what she thought was the ultimate of perfect plans: “Mom do you think Rachel would trade Little Man for Sophie? Then Simeon and Little Man could be brothers and Sophie could finally come live with us!”

“Hmmm, let’s see what his behavior is like today first okay girl:)”


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Man, kids come up with the best ideas! ;)

Robin and Don said...

So when are you going to make the BIG switch?