Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trip costs

Large bag of junk food, 5 water bottles refilled multiple times, 2 Nintendo DS systems, one Leapster, 3 computers, one DVD player with 25 movies, two cell phones, 27 hours of driving spread out over three days, enough stops at McDonald's to make even the most adamant fans stomach hurl, 15 potty breaks, sleeping in two semi okay hotels and one night in a disgusting make my skin crawl to walk in let alone not sleep but lay awake all night trying not to touch or think about my kids touching anything cabin, 3 custom sized and handmade walking sticks, an entrance fee to the Grand Canyon, and a ginormous amount of money on souvenirs: 3 Bazillion Dollars

Taking the kids to the gift shop immediately upon arrival: two meltdowns and 1 bazillion more dollars.

Forcing the kids to take at least the 1/4 mile hike (one trip around the track) to actually see the GRAND CANYON and having them cry and say things like, "I am so tired, I am going to die, my legs hurt boohooobooobooo." The entire 15 minute walk causing EVERYONE to stare and three strangers to offer to carry them up the hill to the car: 2 embarrassed parents.

Getting back in the car to drive away after being there for literally 30 minutes, two VERY disgruntled parents and asking the oldest to say a prayer for our drive and hearing her say, "And thank you for this awesome vacation we are having....": PRICELESS


Life with boys... said...

so glad to hear you are enjoying yourselves ; )!!!

Robyn said...

Its all worth it in the end, isn't it.