Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kid Talk

Sweetums: "Dad, I really want a new Carrie Underwear CD."

Sweetums (put on huffy voice and grumpy undertones): "Mom, why do we have to do so many chores?"
Pony Girl: "So we don't end up on Clean House."

Little Man: "I am going to Texas tomorrow."
Mr. KIR: "You are? Are you going to fly or drive?"
LM: "I don't have a car to fly in."
Mr. KIR: "Are you going to ride your bike?"
LM: "Dad, I can't ride my bike on the road!"
Mr. KIR: "Are you going to walk?"
LM: "No."
Mr. KIR: "Well, then how are you going to get there?"
LM: "I'm going to drive my green tractor with the trailer on the back. They can go on the road, right?"

1 comment:

Life with boys... said...

Little Man whatever means necessary, WHATEVER means necessary! (hehehe)Tractors and trailers most certainly CAN drive on the road, especially if you are headed this way!

And no one wants to end up on clean house!