Saturday, September 19, 2009

Album needed

I love three reality shows--just three. Does that make me a junkie?
Mr. KIR would like to know if there is there a twelve-step program available. (AS IF--like I'd take it!)

My problems...I mean favorites are:
(in no particular order)
The Biggest Loser (did you see this newest one? There is a contestant who put weight on after she lost her hubby, 5 yr. old daughter and 2 1/2 week old son 2 yrs ago to a reckless driver-going over 100 miles an hour? Sad!)
American Idol
and the one this post comes from-
America's got talent.

This guy--Drew Stevyns--was deemed a "not so talented" by the judges for the first few rounds.(We never even got to see his audition/first song.) But after the 40 finalists were chosen, Simon Cowell told them they needed to bring a few talents back--Drew was one of them. Thank Goodness! He ended up coming in third place--AWESOME!! I LOVE HIS VOICE!

Problem is, I can only find one song to download. I have been listening to it OVER and OVER and OVER.

Will someone
PLEASE sign the guy and make an album already. MR. KIR is about ready to trash any speakers that come within two feet of me. And we all know that is not a good idea...hey, is there a twelve step program for anger management?


Robyn said...

I haven't watched the biggest loser, but the other two, I am a faithful follower. I use DVR and record them and watch them. I totally agree, he needs an album

Aimee said...

OH MY GOSH! Seriously was crying watching that woman tell the story about losing her family! Love American Idol but stopped watching America's Got Talent last year when the try outs took 3 months. But I am a Biggest Loser fanatic!

Robin and Don said...

I cry EVERY time I watch the Biggest Loser! Love that show. I did miss it this week though. The other two I watch as well when they are on and I'm flipping thru stations. I have actually seen that guy before on Americas Got Talent. I agree he is good.