Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nothing like a 4 yr old to keep your self esteem in check!

Yesterday I got a bit gussied up. (Just to be clear, "gussied up" in my world means I put on more make-up than mascara/eye liner, and a fancier than normal t-shirt.) It was a bit chilly so I threw on my fancy jacket for good measure. Now this jacket is amazing. I love the thing. It is sleek, black, and makes me feel like all that. It flairs at the wrists and curves into my "so-called" waist, accentuating all that once was of my girlish figure. Needless to say, I was feelin' fancy. I slipped on a pair of non flip flops (amazing, I know) and informed little man that time was of the essence, this beauty was not gonna last-- we'd best get out the door. He looked at me and stated, " Mom, you look UGLY, that jacket is HID-E-OUS!"

Thank you my offspring, Thank You.


Lynne said...

I thought you looked great!

Robyn said...

Oh Jackie, YOU are a GREAT writer!