Saturday, October 31, 2009


Sweetums is S I C K! So sick in fact that she missed the trunk or treat last night and woke up this morning whimpering quietly to me, "Mom, I cannot go trick or treating, I am way to sick." Then she promptly laid her HOT head down and went back to sleep. I can honestly say it has been a LOOOONG time since anyone in our house has been this sick.

So as I was cleaning I noticed this: you think it would okay if I bathed her with these?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She does love me

Yesterday my kids missed the bus. If you know our family at all, this is a fluke. We are morning people and always bright and cheery the second the rooster crows. (Okay, okay, not really. I thought you all needed a good eye roll today...your welcome.)

So, the kids missed the bus. Surprising since there was much yelling and rushing on my part. Too bad there was only slowness and mouthy-ness on the second part of the equation... did I just type that out loud...eee gads.

Usually when the bus is missed, I drop Pony Girl off at another bus stop (which happens to be another bus all together) and take Sweetums to her schools front door. Nice mom huh! Now, why does PG not get the front door treatment? Simple, her school is far, far away! I mean it is a good 10 minutes from our house, and the other bus stop is in front of Sweetums school.

She HATES it! HATES it! That bus is crowded and she doesn't really know anyone on it, so it makes her very nervous and uncomfortable. But yesterday, she asked oh so nicely if I would please take her to school. I love her, so I relented. And because truth be told, I got up late (okay, I do EVERY stinking morning) and this fact does not aid in the "get ready on time for the bus" factor.

On the way, I jokingly said, "PG, you owe me BIG TIME for driving all the way across our large town to take you to school." She said, and I quote..."I love you mom. Isn't that enough?"

I about died. YES INDEEDY.

Did you know that when
girls begin the ever wonderful process of hormonal changes, the kind words of love go unsaid for months at a time and yelling and mean and nasty words take its place? I did. So the simple words brought tears to my eyes, enough to make me shut my mouth and loose my train of driving thought, enough to about wreck and kill us all-as well as our good friends. Which caused their 9 yr old daughter to exclaim, "Is that Jackie? What in the world is she doing?" as I turned down a wrong road and then quickly pulled out in front of them head-on...yep caught me that off guard.

So Pony Girl, "Yes my sweet, that IS enough. I love you, too." (Enough to die obviously--but I shall leave that tidbit unsaid:)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kid Talk

Sweetums: "Mom, I don't ever want to have kids. I only want to have a dog and a cat and some fish."
Me: "Why? I love being a mommy."
Sweetums: "Because I don't want them to come out of my tummy."
Pony Girl: "You could just adopt."
Me: "Did you know so and so are trying to adopt."
PG: "Ahhh, I hope they get a cute little girl or boy."

(Me too too!)
and if that were not funny enough in and of itself, the conversation went on...

Sweetums: "Okay, I will adopt."
Me: "How many will you adopt?"
Sweetums: "As many as I need."
Me: "How many is that?
Sweetums: "About 2,000."
Me: "Wow, why so many?"
PG: "To do chores."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My sister in law did not read my blog for most of its existence, even though I started it to keep updated with them and my sister (who still never reads it.) Humph!!

Then one miraculous day she discovered the hilariousness that is my life, and now finds humor in my existence and shares a good giggle about me with my nieces and nephew. Yesterday she informed me that she needs an update. Humph!!

However, two of my dearest friends have convinced me to do a craft booth with them this next weekend, my husband has fled the country again, I had two birthday party's this weekend to host/attend, I was in charge of the combined youth activity for the youth program in our church last week, I taught a lesson on Sunday, I volunteer at one of the schools, and I am still the mother of three who insist on being fed and clothed in clean attire. So, I am swamped. I shall say it again...S.W.A.M.P.E.D. In fact, I mentioned the overwhelmed fact to Mr. KIR and he said, "Overwhelmed? Like you mean you have been underwhelmed, or just whelmed in the past?"

Where did this man get his humor genes from? A preschool gene pool? Shesh!

So these 3 little tidbits are all I got: Enjoy Ju!

1)What does an overwhelmed mom do when her Sweetums puts on pants she got from dear friends two years ago, (thank you Pam and Kara...we miss you!), but were HUGE then so she had to look at them longingly hanging in her closet and wait and wait and wait. Now that the waiting is over they look like this:
(High water city! The picture does not do it justice! Trust me though, HIGH WATERS!)

I'll tell you: She will kindly mention the fact to Sweetums. Then when said Sweetums informs her that she still wants to wear them, that she LOVES them and can't make it through the school day without them, she lets her wear them. Yes indeed-y she does.

2) Pony Girl got a Bill Nye recycle kit for her birthday and we whipped it out last night and began the rigorous process of making paper. When I had a question about some of the "not so clear" instructions, PG says, "Just ask Bill."
"What?" I inquire.
"Ask Bill...he is the science guy you know."
Smart Alec!


3)Little Man has been singing this little ditty lately:

" If your happy in your nose clap your hands... If your happy in your nose stomp your feet..."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kid Talk

Sweetums: (said in a LOUD sing-songy voice) "Today is going to be a great day!"
Little Man: "Why? Where are we going?"
Sweetums: (again--sing-songy) "Nowhere, its conference time. We get to stay home from church today."

Pony Girl: "Sweetums, you know conference is awful, right?"