Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She does love me

Yesterday my kids missed the bus. If you know our family at all, this is a fluke. We are morning people and always bright and cheery the second the rooster crows. (Okay, okay, not really. I thought you all needed a good eye roll today...your welcome.)

So, the kids missed the bus. Surprising since there was much yelling and rushing on my part. Too bad there was only slowness and mouthy-ness on the second part of the equation... did I just type that out loud...eee gads.

Usually when the bus is missed, I drop Pony Girl off at another bus stop (which happens to be another bus all together) and take Sweetums to her schools front door. Nice mom huh! Now, why does PG not get the front door treatment? Simple, her school is far, far away! I mean it is a good 10 minutes from our house, and the other bus stop is in front of Sweetums school.

She HATES it! HATES it! That bus is crowded and she doesn't really know anyone on it, so it makes her very nervous and uncomfortable. But yesterday, she asked oh so nicely if I would please take her to school. I love her, so I relented. And because truth be told, I got up late (okay, I do EVERY stinking morning) and this fact does not aid in the "get ready on time for the bus" factor.

On the way, I jokingly said, "PG, you owe me BIG TIME for driving all the way across our large town to take you to school." She said, and I quote..."I love you mom. Isn't that enough?"

I about died. YES INDEEDY.

Did you know that when
girls begin the ever wonderful process of hormonal changes, the kind words of love go unsaid for months at a time and yelling and mean and nasty words take its place? I did. So the simple words brought tears to my eyes, enough to make me shut my mouth and loose my train of driving thought, enough to about wreck and kill us all-as well as our good friends. Which caused their 9 yr old daughter to exclaim, "Is that Jackie? What in the world is she doing?" as I turned down a wrong road and then quickly pulled out in front of them head-on...yep caught me that off guard.

So Pony Girl, "Yes my sweet, that IS enough. I love you, too." (Enough to die obviously--but I shall leave that tidbit unsaid:)

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Life with boys... said...

it's those moments that make itall worth while, huh, aside from the pulling into on coming traffic of course. When I read the title, I must say, my first thought was, of course I do, lol.