Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My sister in law did not read my blog for most of its existence, even though I started it to keep updated with them and my sister (who still never reads it.) Humph!!

Then one miraculous day she discovered the hilariousness that is my life, and now finds humor in my existence and shares a good giggle about me with my nieces and nephew. Yesterday she informed me that she needs an update. Humph!!

However, two of my dearest friends have convinced me to do a craft booth with them this next weekend, my husband has fled the country again, I had two birthday party's this weekend to host/attend, I was in charge of the combined youth activity for the youth program in our church last week, I taught a lesson on Sunday, I volunteer at one of the schools, and I am still the mother of three who insist on being fed and clothed in clean attire. So, I am swamped. I shall say it again...S.W.A.M.P.E.D. In fact, I mentioned the overwhelmed fact to Mr. KIR and he said, "Overwhelmed? Like you mean you have been underwhelmed, or just whelmed in the past?"

Where did this man get his humor genes from? A preschool gene pool? Shesh!

So these 3 little tidbits are all I got: Enjoy Ju!

1)What does an overwhelmed mom do when her Sweetums puts on pants she got from dear friends two years ago, (thank you Pam and Kara...we miss you!), but were HUGE then so she had to look at them longingly hanging in her closet and wait and wait and wait. Now that the waiting is over they look like this:
(High water city! The picture does not do it justice! Trust me though, HIGH WATERS!)

I'll tell you: She will kindly mention the fact to Sweetums. Then when said Sweetums informs her that she still wants to wear them, that she LOVES them and can't make it through the school day without them, she lets her wear them. Yes indeed-y she does.

2) Pony Girl got a Bill Nye recycle kit for her birthday and we whipped it out last night and began the rigorous process of making paper. When I had a question about some of the "not so clear" instructions, PG says, "Just ask Bill."
"What?" I inquire.
"Ask Bill...he is the science guy you know."
Smart Alec!


3)Little Man has been singing this little ditty lately:

" If your happy in your nose clap your hands... If your happy in your nose stomp your feet..."


Life with boys... said...

That is AWESOME! My goodness, I feel bogged down just reading the list of stuff on your plate!
Give those kiddos great big hugs from Auntie!
Great chatting this morning, miss you!

ju said...

Yea! Finally something to read during my midnight wanderings! Now come on hands, wake up.

Robin and Don said...

I have just a few suggestions, send Sweetums to Holly's place, I hear the water table is still rising, she'll fit right in. As for PG, your on your own. I'd start by hanging her by her toes. And LM has a wonderful ditty. When is your primary presentation? I'd love to fly out for it. And for you, I hear Calgon is nice but never had three children. Good luck all around!!