Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mrs. Claus

I have come to the realization that Mrs. Claus does not get HALF the recognition/praise/love she honestly deserves...because in this house, I am pretty sure she did most of the work!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kid Talk

Sweetums and Little Man were playing with one of our nativity sets. They were mimicking travel time, sleep, and good/bad men. After a good 20 minutes of play, Sweetums noticed that Jesus was not in the manger where she had laid him. She quietly said, "Hey, where did Jesus go?"
Mr. KIR's smart-alec self quipped, "He's been resurrected."

                            Crickets Chirped. Eyes Blinked.

Then play resumed as LM replied,  "I don't know, maybe Momo ate him."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Labels Smables

I am an organize freak! I label everything vinyl will stick to: the bathroom cabinets, kids clothing drawers, storage room items, garage, toy bins, craft room drawers, laundry get the idea. I have even gone so far as to label:
Yes those are my fridge shelves. It is great when the kids are helping me with dinner or have to set/clear the table!

I have however, withstood many a taunt about the silliness of this--from friends mostly. (Crazy right...!) Why only friends? Mr. KIR's family is WAY to nice to tease, and my family lives so FAR, FAR away they rarely get to see my weirdness in all it's glory.

But alas, my brother and his family (along with one of my sisters sons--love you Jeremy,) came for a fantastical Thanksgiving trip. It was so great to have them all here! We miss them and their silly selves. My brother and his wifey are HILARIOUS--if you don't think so, just ask them! They crack each other up all the time. (Okay--they crack me up too:)

But my little bother...I mean brother...took mocking me to a whole new level this trip. One afternoon I came downstairs to this: (Along with snickers from his peanut gallery--yes this means YOU JU!)
He had labeled my house...Oh so funny!

But then, later that day when he was making bread...he had the GAUL to ask, "Jack, where do you keep the yeast?"

Whose laughing NOW PEEEDGE? Oh and by the way- after you left- Pony Girl was helping with lunch and could not find the jam. So next time you visit, put things where they are labeled to go please:)