Thursday, December 30, 2010

Santa = Free Right?

Sweetums and I recently went to her school book fair. I informed her of the allotted amount of books we would buy and we went on in. She quickly found an overpriced toy item and begged to purchase it. She was even willing to trade some of her allotted books for the item. (What a sacrificing gal.)

I being the ever perfect mother informed her we were here for books-and besides that thing was overpriced and I was NOT going to pay that amount for such a thing!

So Christmas morning when she discovered that very toy in her stocking, she quickly exclaimed, "Mom, look what Santa brought me! Now you don't have to pay too much for it--we got it for free!"

Monday, December 27, 2010


I hate cold weather. I really do.

I want to move to a warmer lo-cal--RIGHT NOW!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


In our house there are technically two Tooth Fairies and two Elf On The Shelf helpers-- have been for years...Technically.

However ONE of them is out of town.
THE ONE that actually remembers they have a job. THE ONE that actually remembers to do that job- BEFORE the kiddos search, look, seek, become disappointed, cry and get boohooish.

And unfortunately because the slacker is the one home, and a tooth has gone missing and the tooth fairy was LATE, and Fiddle the Elf has been "watching" us for several days without moving, the eldest child of the house has personally recruited herself into early "helper of the magically creatures of the joint." Sad, but true.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear Dad, 

We did great!
Love, Pony Girl and Sweetums

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Early Christmas Present

Oh Oh Oh, Mr. KIR and I's Christmas present arrived today! We even get to open and use it early!
"What is it?" "What is it?" you ask. WELL...
I was going to get him THIS:

But, as is the usual case in everyday life, something better came along. 

It all started with me cooking...
Tuesday night I made yummy cream cheese crock pot chicken for dinner. Ten minutes before it was done, I boiled the noodles and then did this:

Yes indeedy -- I set the crock pot lid on the HOT burner and finished up dinner. The lid proceeded to make pretty bubble-like decore and then stuck hard and fast to the lovely glass stove top. And when big, strong Mr. Kir came along and saw the dilemma, he used his ever manly musckley arms to yank it off. Which then caused the GLASS TOP to do this:                               

So instead, Mr. KIR and I get to get this for Christmas:                                                                            
Don't be jealous. If I ever visit, I'll be  more than happy to cook a meal for you and let my natural abilities bless your life as well.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Basketball Lessons

This year Pony Girl decided to go out for basketball. Teams were chosen and at the last minute a set of two girls were moved from PG's team because of a practice time scheduling conflict, to another team and in their place two of PG's really good friends joined her team. This placed PG with four of her bestest friends on her team. WHOOT WHOOT!!!
She is Number 41
Tonight, they had their first game--against the team the two were traded to. They lost. I mean L.O.S.T. like 46 to 8 lost. Now granted the other team had some skill! They were pretty dang good. (The two traded were really good--and really good ball stealers.) BUT...THE ENTIRE TEAM WAS NOT NICE ABOUT THE WIN--EVEN THE COACH!!! I mean glotation devices were used and some of the parents of said team were not any better. I was a bit hot under the collar--and not just because the heat in the gym was like 100*--humidity and pre-teen sweat stench surrounding.
When I got in the car I noticed a girlfriend had called and called her back. Her daughter is on PG's team, but had to miss the game. They wanted to know how it went. When PG was not in hearing range, I told her. Being that this is 5th and 6th graders and the whole premise of these teams is to get the girls experience for older teams and to learn sportsmanship, I got a bit more disappointed in the behavior than when I was at the actual event. She suggested I call the teacher liaison about the other OBVIOUS (pushing down, pulling of jerseys, telling PG to shut-up while letting for her team know she was open to receive the ball, etc....) unsportsmanlike behavior. I seriously was going to do it. BUT...
FOLKS--my Pony Girl--oh I love her, stopped me dead in my disappointed tracks. When I walked in the room to her minutes after hanging up the phone, she said, "Man, even though with the two girls who were traded would have helped us out, I am soooo glad B and C are on my team! I never want to be mean like that team."
(not that B and C are in anyway bad, just that they were the ones the two were traded with. And not that it was only those two being aggressive and unsportsmanlike.) 

IS THAT NOT WONDERFUL! WoNdErFuL!! Don't get me wrong, I do not want to see my girl or her team get tromst on again like that, and we gave her pointers on her strategy for tomorrows game and will continue to work with her on her aggressiveness, but I am sure glad she knows the important thing is life. She teaches me, she calms me, she amazes me.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fire Ready

Mom, I need spikey hair because when Fire Fighters take off their helmets, their hair sticks up!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kid Talk

Little Man: "Mom, This is 2 in English;
and this is 2 in Spanish;"

Oh and just so you know, Sweetums informed me today that 18th graders Do Not ride her bus.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I know I said I would post the good pictures soon. AND IT HAS NOT BEEN SOON! What can I say, we have been busy. I got addicted to the series of books: Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins,  the weather has been great so we have been outside playing,  and I have also been gussying up clothes like this:

Aren't they cute! See, good reasons why the good picture post had to wait. 
But just so you don't stress out and think you still don't get to see the good pictures Lynne took, Here They Are: (there are lots of them--we are gorgeous like that)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Photos

We had family pictures taken last weekend in our backyard--They turned out GORGEOUS!! I mean really folks--who knew we were THAT gorgeous of a faimly? Our photographer--that's who. She is amazing! (Check out her site here.) There were so many good ones it has been extremely hard to choose which ones to order for the walls. 
She also was kind enough to include the, how do you say...NOT so attractrive shots. I shall share those first:
Have you read the book: Daisy Head Maisy?:

Mickey is in the houuuuse:

Little Man...enough said:

Pony Girl: Is that really what you look like when you laugh? I think NOT:

 Just practicing for the Miss Bagel Fest pageant:


 Uncle Sam Wants You...and apparently so does Little Man:


Check back later for the good ones. I seriously CANNOT choose which ones to display--to many good ones!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I went shopping with two of the three gray hair givers I bred. Our Sole purpose--new athletic shoes for Sweetums.

We went to EvErY store in the mall that sold shoes. She HATED all the girls shoes, but begrudgingly tried them on because she was FORCED to. Finally at the last store with shoes available, she finally decided to purchase boys black and red high-tops. Phew! All the while Little Man kept himself and every other human within the shopping arena entertained by running directly to the "unmentionables" department at each stop. He focused on caressing, patting, smelling and squishing all the BRAziers with his cute -yet creeperish-- little hands and face every time his mom turned her back.

A good time was had by all.

Friday, September 17, 2010

House Rules

These three have gone to a whole new level of "make their mommy grossed out and want to scream yet holding it all in and calmly stating the HOUSE RULES."
House Rules
2. Bugs and such are only allowed in JARS designated with the words "BUG" on them.
3. Critters found in our yard DO NOT want to live in bags in your room. They will escape as death is eminent if they do not! (It is kind of eminent if they do as well...but that is completely beside the point)
4.ALWAYS Refer to Rule Number one if you have any questions or doubts about your actions!!!

Why do I need to remind my critters of these rules? Because I found THIS on my kitchen counter
Yep. Just Sitting There. Hanging Out. Huge and Slimy. Next to the sink. 
Reminder of House Rules NEEDED--Promptly!

After we went over and over the rules, we made Toady this house for the night:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Birthday Growth

This little bugger had a birthday.

The morning of, he woke me up bright and early all dressed and ready. He loudly exclaimed, "Mom, Look! Today I'm 5 and my 4 year old clothes still fit!"

He later asked me, "Mom, now that I am 5 do I sound different?"
"Oh, yes," I said, "You sound much older."

"I know!" He stated, "I don't sound like a girl anymore."

Friday, August 27, 2010


"Mom, when I get old enough to not live with you but to live with just my adopted children, for dinner I am only going to make them:
Macaroni and cheese, Turkey and Tuna sandwiches, Cheesy hot dogs, Grapes, Hot dogs, Tomatoes, Chicken nuggets, Marshmallows, Cheeseburgers, Bananas, Lunch-able's, Apples, Cheeze-its, Chicken, Chocolate, Ice cream, Popsicles, Pancakes and waffles with whip-cream and chocolate, and Yogurt.

That's IT!"


The kids have been in school for 1 1/2 weeks.
I cleaned house this week.

5 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home on 2 acre lot.

one room bungalow with outdoor plumbing on rock platform no larger than 1/4 acre.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Losing Situation

About 5 years ago I broke this:Yep, the diamond-ola in my beautiful wedding ring. Ugh, I know. But luckily, the prongs on that thing are like the steel gates of the BIG house and nothing was coming out of their grasp without some serious effort. WONDERFUL right?


When I called our insurance company, I was informed that if I LOSE the ring it is covered. But, to BREAK the diamond: NOPE! (Sooooooo...If I go outside and throw it as far as I can in our neighbors pond.....)

So for 5 long years I have worn that ring EVERYWHERE and tried with all my might to forget, lose, drop, drown, get stolen, misplace, or displace the thing. But alas, I still am wearing it on my petite, beautiful, youth-like finger. I know, right!?!?!

However, I got this 5 MONTHS ago:
AND have not been able to find it for days! Go figure!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today is the 30th anniversary of my mothers death.

My little brother Paul is amazing in so many ways. This is one: For the last year he has been looking for and contacting anyone and anything he could find that was involved in the rescue of my family from an airplane crash in the Wyoming mountains 30 years ago. He has emailed, called, and contacted several of the rescue crew, the helicopter pilot, and hospital staff. There were so many people who spent hours climbing the cold, dark wilderness for us. He was able to get the GPS information from the military group that helped during the search and had a fairly good idea of where we were found from one of the people who eventually found us. He planned a hike for the three surviving children--for today.

 Due to Mark traveling to China during this time, I was not able to go out for the hike.

Paul and his wife Julianne drove to Jackson Hole, Wy, and then took a tram up as far as it went. Paul then set out alone to the exact site of the crash. He said it was a wonderful experience and wants us to do it together soon. I look forward to that day. After the hike he was interviewed by a local journalist who became interested in the story from someone Paul contacted about information. The journalist took pictures of Paul and then called Jan and I for more information. Thirty years later, it still brings tears to my eyes to think about this day, this event, that changed my (and my families) life forever.  I miss my mom. I don't even know her. I was so young when she died. And to tell the truth, the events that happened after were so traumatic that my life memories were defined by before the accident and my survival after. I had VERY few memories BEFORE the event. I seemed to have blocked them out of my memory (until I married my husband--and then many, many memories came flooding back at a scary and alarming rate.)

My brother. My younger, sweet, and generous little brother. What an amazing thing to do. I will always be thankful  to him. And my husband helped me heal enough to realize that good things can come from tragedy.

I love them. I honor them.

Here's to you mom! Your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids love and miss you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gardenings End

My High School friend loves to garden as much as I do. Well, maybe love is too strong a word for my feelings, but hers I am sure are love. She not only gardens veggies as I do, but she also has beautiful flower gardens. Last year she posted about her gourd/pumpkin success here.
When I saw her gourd/pumpkin success, I was amazed!! I thought, "Self, this next year when I have garden success (I mean I have been gardening for 14 years) I am going to post my photos and lists as well.

So as the gardening year comes to a close here in Illinois, I started making a list of all the pre-growth work :
1 large garden plot tilled by Mr. Friendly neighbor and his tractor.
24 bags of fertilizer and new dirt added to soil.
1 new raspberry box built and raspberry's transplanted to new home.
1 addition added on to strawberry box and 20 or so new strawberry plants added.

6 tomato plants--pre-grown by Rural King (start height 6 inches tall.)
6 cucumber mounds with 4 or 5 seeds each (to be thinned out as growth permits.)
3 pumpkin mounds with 4/5 seeds each (thinning out done as well.)
1 entire row of corn (using entire package of seeds.)
1 cilantro plant -pre-grown by Rural King (starting height 6 inches tall.)

~Additional work:
1 bail of straw (donated by neighbors) evenly distributed to reduce weed/plant growth.
6 tomato guards inserted around beautiful tomato plants.
1 new hose purchased to make daily watering possible.
2 new sprinklers purchased as one was broken when opened and we were to lazy to take it back right away, and then little man played with it as if it were his personal arrow-head dagger, used to kill/squash bugs and punch holes in our dirt, umm, I mean grass.
Weeding--lots and lots of weeding.

I then gathered my produce into piles for pictures.
Yep, that's it. Did you see the yuckiness of that lone tomato? The size was just as depressing: I had Mr. KIR mow the thing done Friday. I could not stand the taunts from it any longer. Seriously WHY do I do this every year?