Sunday, January 31, 2010


Just some random shots of the driving. They do not obey road rules. We never did figure out why they even had lines and such/do not enter signs and stop signs etc. Nobody obeyed them. Police cars where all over the place but never pulled anyone over either. Crazy!

This is just a view when Bill parked smack dab in the street to run into a store. Notice the wheel chair just cruising along and the bikes running in and out of traffic.

In these next two, I am sitting right in the middle, between the driver and the passenger seat. So when it looks like Bill is driving on the wrong side of the road or down the middle -- HE IS!!
PS: Notice no "road rage"? We sure did! These people are amazing!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pictures (Set 2)

Hong Kong-Kowloon side

Hong Kong-The Island Side-(at The Peak)

Forrest and Mark in ZhuHai (pronounce Ju hi)
                   Ferry shots:

             Factory in Zhong Shan:
Can you guess what they are making? CRAFTSMAN of course:)

                      Kim and Bill
Kim, Darren (Australian owner) Mr. KIR, Marty, Rod, Jamie

Pictures (Set 1)

Crazy things I saw:

All the brooms we saw looked like this

Mopeds and bikes were EVERYWHERE! They hauled people and massive amounts of stuff. They wear their coats backwards and have these hand warmer gloves that look like hot pads.

Masks-worn as fashion statements. I saw Hello Kitty ones and some with matching hand bags.
Do You SEE THIS? A car parked on the side walk.


Things I don't want to forget yet have already started to:

1) They have plates of food and they put them in the middle of the table and share. Each person has a plate and bowl in front of them. They fill the bowl with what they want to eat. The plate is for what they spit out. Nasty? Maybe, but nice. If I did not like what I had put in my mouth, I just spit it out without  trying to hide it in my napkin or pretending I liked it.
2) They eat mostly fresh food. Oh the yumminess of fresh fruit and fish everyday! Oh tasty buds watering right now as I just ate my dry cereal--ugh!
3) They love their spouses and kids (girls and boys alike) as much as we do.
4) They crowd around and cut in lines etc., not out of rudeness but because in their country there are TONS of people and not tons of space. They are simply getting what they need get done as efficiently and quickly as possible so they can get to the next thing that needs to be done. AMAZING!
5) Shopping there is AMAZING! High quality stuff for low prices!--Shopping Heaven.
6) Rich and poor alike have amazing style!
7) All my pictures look foggy-but it is simply pollution.
8) Loyalty and respect are high priorities to them.
9) They are hard workers. Did not really see people sitting around waiting for someone else to take care of them. They were willing to do whatever it to took to provide for themselves and families.
10) It is HUMID! My face felt so soft and nice!
11) Slippers! Slippers are worn inside--ahhhh!
12) People walk and work with a purpose. No lalygaggin'.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hungry anyone?



Not hungry? Oh...You need to use the restroom you say?


No...No, I'm good.
(Note to self: Exercise thigh and calf muscles for next trip. Oh- and Bring your own TP!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Check List

List for Trip

1) Leave kids in capable hands of Nini: Check
2) Load Car: Check
3) Stop at Arby's: Check
4) Have car stall at Drive-thru window: Check
5) Call David and have him come rescue me: Check
6) Spend 4 hours having David figure out what is wrong and then be kind enough to let him fix it: Check
7) Get half way to the airport in MAJOR fog going SLOW: Check
8) Get a call from Mr. KIR (in China) informing me my flight has been canceled and I now need to head to a different airport and find a hotel for the night: Check
9) Awake at 2:30am, head to the airport and discover I have no reservation for the flight: Check
10) Finally start the loooooong leg of the journey, arrive, take taxi to hotel and realize Mr. KIR was NOT kidding when he talks of Chinese driving, causing death to be extremely close twice: Check (Seriously. They have NO road rules here. We drove on the curb, in the emergency lane, ignored red lights and stop signs, passed loaded down bikes/mopeds, and pedestrians the entire way. We came so close to a bus and another car I could literally have picked the strangers noses!!!!)
11)Be awed by beauty and be excited to begin fun: Check

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kid Talk

1) Sweetums: "Mom, why is Dad's work the President of the garbage?"
     Me-with quizzical brow furrowed: "What?"

2)Mr. KIR: "Little Man how do people say hello in China?"
   Little Man: "Me-ow"

3) Little Man has a teddy bear with a yarn nose in the shape of a Y. It started to come unraveled and he stated, (with lots of giggles, I might add) "Mom, look! Teddy has some serious boogers."

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cheese is Dead

Update on New Year's Eve guest:
We un-affectionately named him Cheese.
He was a pro. 
But he is dead.

The events went as follows:
Mr. Kir loaded up some traps like this:

 The next day we found them like this:

Can you see the Peanut Butter? Us either. Cheese ate it. Licked ever bit off---BOTH traps.


I suggested sticky traps. Mr. Kir declined for reasons unimportant to me.

He set the traps again.

We waited.

The next day Mr. Kir found this:

The End

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Guest

Plan for New Years Eve Day/Night: Clean up Christmas stuff and invite friends over for games and eats to ring in the new year.

Actual Happenings:
Find mice nibbles on Christmas storage box I pull down and spend the ENTIRE day loading several months worth of boxed storage food into plastic bins, vacuum up mouse POOP, (saving some on tape in ziploc bag for two human critters I am raising--EEE GADS!,) and freak out every time I think I may see intrusive critter.

Finally get done, crash into bed and lay awake all night and have, "where is the stupid, dumb mouse." thoughts. Realize he is probably living behind all my craft supplies in the room next to the storage room.

Wake up the next day. Happy New Year. Head downstairs to rummage through craft supplies and discover mouse poop, paper nibbles, and half eaten candy bar. Sit on chair and call Mr. Kir to come and rummage around making sure critter is no where near my vicinity and begin the move/vacuum/clean routine from day past all over again. sigh.

Cuss Stupid Mouse, endure irritating buzzing in ears from mouse deflectors installed allllll over the house, and enjoy nice clean storage and craft rooms.

Happy New Year Every One!

Oh Man...Sweetums wants Macaroni and cheese...which plastic tub is that in?