Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Things I don't want to forget yet have already started to:

1) They have plates of food and they put them in the middle of the table and share. Each person has a plate and bowl in front of them. They fill the bowl with what they want to eat. The plate is for what they spit out. Nasty? Maybe, but nice. If I did not like what I had put in my mouth, I just spit it out without  trying to hide it in my napkin or pretending I liked it.
2) They eat mostly fresh food. Oh the yumminess of fresh fruit and fish everyday! Oh tasty buds watering right now as I just ate my dry cereal--ugh!
3) They love their spouses and kids (girls and boys alike) as much as we do.
4) They crowd around and cut in lines etc., not out of rudeness but because in their country there are TONS of people and not tons of space. They are simply getting what they need get done as efficiently and quickly as possible so they can get to the next thing that needs to be done. AMAZING!
5) Shopping there is AMAZING! High quality stuff for low prices!--Shopping Heaven.
6) Rich and poor alike have amazing style!
7) All my pictures look foggy-but it is simply pollution.
8) Loyalty and respect are high priorities to them.
9) They are hard workers. Did not really see people sitting around waiting for someone else to take care of them. They were willing to do whatever it to took to provide for themselves and families.
10) It is HUMID! My face felt so soft and nice!
11) Slippers! Slippers are worn inside--ahhhh!
12) People walk and work with a purpose. No lalygaggin'.

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