Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Guest

Plan for New Years Eve Day/Night: Clean up Christmas stuff and invite friends over for games and eats to ring in the new year.

Actual Happenings:
Find mice nibbles on Christmas storage box I pull down and spend the ENTIRE day loading several months worth of boxed storage food into plastic bins, vacuum up mouse POOP, (saving some on tape in ziploc bag for two human critters I am raising--EEE GADS!,) and freak out every time I think I may see intrusive critter.

Finally get done, crash into bed and lay awake all night and have, "where is the stupid, dumb mouse." thoughts. Realize he is probably living behind all my craft supplies in the room next to the storage room.

Wake up the next day. Happy New Year. Head downstairs to rummage through craft supplies and discover mouse poop, paper nibbles, and half eaten candy bar. Sit on chair and call Mr. Kir to come and rummage around making sure critter is no where near my vicinity and begin the move/vacuum/clean routine from day past all over again. sigh.

Cuss Stupid Mouse, endure irritating buzzing in ears from mouse deflectors installed allllll over the house, and enjoy nice clean storage and craft rooms.

Happy New Year Every One!

Oh Man...Sweetums wants Macaroni and cheese...which plastic tub is that in?


Life with boys... said...

ah man!!! That reminds of the time I came face to face with one of the little buggers!!! Glad you have an immaculately clean craft and storage area though, hope that little pest has moved out and the plans of visiting, munching and playing games can be rescheduled for tomorrow night instead!

Happy New Year, oh how we miss you SOOOO!!

Holly said...

Do you have a mouse or a beaver?! That sucker is going to town! Ewww!!

snakeriverwalton said...

try the sticky traps- they are awesome! We caught 3 so far this year. hate the little buggers.