Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pictures (Set 1)

Crazy things I saw:

All the brooms we saw looked like this

Mopeds and bikes were EVERYWHERE! They hauled people and massive amounts of stuff. They wear their coats backwards and have these hand warmer gloves that look like hot pads.

Masks-worn as fashion statements. I saw Hello Kitty ones and some with matching hand bags.
Do You SEE THIS? A car parked on the side walk.


Robin and Don said...

So it looks like your in a taxi. It looks like you picked the wrong mode of transportation. You should have just rented a bike or a mini-van. You could have gotten better parking apparently.

Lynne said...

picture 1 reminds me of living in Costa Rica except whole families are on BMX bikes instead of motorcycles. Also nice how the parents make sure to have helmets, but none for the kids. :-(