Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pictures (Set 2)

Hong Kong-Kowloon side

Hong Kong-The Island Side-(at The Peak)

Forrest and Mark in ZhuHai (pronounce Ju hi)
                   Ferry shots:

             Factory in Zhong Shan:
Can you guess what they are making? CRAFTSMAN of course:)

                      Kim and Bill
Kim, Darren (Australian owner) Mr. KIR, Marty, Rod, Jamie


Robin and Don said...

I need to be filled in...Why are you in China? It looks like Mark is working on something over there in a factory? Why? Is work so bad that you got rid of your kids, packed up and started a new life working in Hong Kong in a sweat shop? J/k

For real, what are you doing over there?

jackie said...

Mark is working. He works with the factory pictured. AND as for sweat shop--we Americans are idiots!! Yes, they make $1.50 an hour American...but it is $10.00 an hour in their money, plus they get room and board and breakfast lunch and dinner, and 13 months pay for 12 months work and LOTS of vacation--such as 2 weeks off for new year. The cost of living and life style is WAY different. The safety issues--now those ARE concerns!! I noticed that some workers were wearing safety stuff and others were not. I asked and Mark says, the stuff is available...they just don't want to wear it and since it is not law, they don't have to. But it is there for them. They also do have laws against employing underage-16 is the working age. We should not believe everything we hear! They are happy and treated well by this particular company. From what I learned--it is the government that keeps them down, not employers. The jobs we supply to/for them are HEAVEN to them and they LOVE the opportunity to earn a living! Of course I only saw two companies over there--one American and one Australian.