Friday, February 26, 2010


Recently, I got a comment from a "foreign" someone. I thought I had offended. Oh My!

My friend figured out it was some goober here in littleville with a fake name/blog account.

Me, search/stalk worthy. Who knew!

Most posts get a solid 2 to 3 comments. I figured I was raking in the fans with such ease that worries need not be!

But alas...

Then the same friend reminded me of site meter. You know, the site that lets you know how many hits/visits your blog gets. I have it on the end of my blog. Have for many, many moons. Never checked it. (My wisdom astounds you I know.) Well, after "miss foreign wannabe's" comment freaked me out, I did. For Heavens Sakes! This week alone I have had 68 visits.

Sixty-eight of you have visited my site and only 2 have left me comments. PULEEEEEASE! (OUCH!!!!)
(Yes, this is beside this whole blog posts point, but still...)

So, with that last sentence aside, I have decided to take the ol' blog private. If the 68 of you fans out there want to be included in the daily haps of the KIR's, just leave your email here or leave a note on facebook. I will be happy to oblige!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kid Talk

It is almost Easter. Lots of talk about being alive through Christ and his resurrection, as well as Easter baskets, egg hunts, and candy.

Little Man: "Mom, see this guy {smurf figurine in hand} He is dead."

{He places smurf in egg.} "But because of Jesus, he can live again." {Cracks egg and gets smurf out.} "See, all things are alive in cracks."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good thing I'm not a doctor!

You've met our dog. Remember him here?

The poor thing has been a fantastic member of the family for almost 3 years now. Man we love that pooch. (And by "we" I mean the kids and I. Mr. KIR; not so much.) Momo never whines, snips, or whimpers no matter what the kids put him through. He just endures patiently and waits for the scratches, tugs of war and kisses that inevitably follow the attack.

So yesterday when I accidentally clipped the quick on his back nail, he did not even make a peep. Yep. I let him down and did not know it had happened until a MAJOR blood trail led strait from the utility sink to the doggy door. Huh. He came in and blood was EVERYWHERE! It was bleeding TONS! Is that normal? I cleaned the floor up and let it go. (I'm just a good owner that way.) About 2 minutes later, more blood. Okay, now it was buggin'. I picked up the pooch, wrapped his paw in toilet paper, and used duct tape to secure it. Whala! Nope. It fell off. (Surprising, I know.) He made a bee line for the doggy door and when he came in there was another trail of blood. I used more toilet paper. This time though...string! Yes, let's tie string as tight as we can to the poor dogs leg. Brilliant! Nope. He high tailed it outside and came in leaving another trail.

Let's try again. This time, let's wrap it and put Little Man's sock over it to keep it on. Ya, that will work...until I set him down. He went outside to escape me once again and came in trailing another mess. (Notice the trend? I am beginning to think if there wasn't 800 feet of snow on the deck he would have stayed outside.) Hmmm, More toilet paper...and band aids? Nope.

By this time it has been 50 minutes as I made Pony Girl hold him while I cleaned up the blood on the floor in between each doctoring-up attempt. Mr. KIR came in, saw the blood on the floor and said, "Ummm, call the vet."

Whuuut? He never says/wants us to do things like that!!

"Wait," he says. (Phew...I was beginning to worry?) "He'll just tell us to wrap it, I'll go get the proper stuff and be back. Just hold him off the floor."

AHHH--the floor--that's what he was worried about.

He left and I called my brother; because he's a vet a bazillion miles away and would be able to help more than our local vet down the street. He asked how long it had been bleeding. An hour. How far did I cut it? I don't know...too short obviously.

Hold the paw and apply pressure by pinching--hold right above the nail and as close to the end as you can on the pad side. Add a bit of corn starch to help coagulate the bleeding, and get it under control. Wrap it tightly with gauze all the way up his leg. Watch him.

Phew. Logic--Not toilet paper...that's the trick.

I grab Momo and rinse his blood soaked leg with warm water first. I then apply pressure with a clean rag and wait for it to slow down. I hold for about 10 minutes and then check. Huh. It has stopped. Not a drop of blood on the rag. Huh. Way to go Peedge. Shortly after, Mr. KIR arrives home with supplies and I let him in on the good news.

Death of a beloved pup averted.

Only late last night did I clue in to the miracle of my making.

Goof Ball! The dog was NOT bleeding for over an hour. He bled. It got all over his paw. He went outside. It got wet. He came in and made a mess. I freaked out--mauled him. He went outside. The paw got wet again and he made a mess....

As soon as I rinsed off the original blood....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A few years back, Peedge (a.k.a. my little brother), made adorable stuffed bears from my moms old clothes for all his nieces and nephews. We have all cherished them.

For Christmas this year, he and Ju (a.k.a. his wife), surprised us all again by making quilts out of my dad's clothes. Oh how we love the thing. I can almost smell my daddy and feel him near as I snuggle in it...daily!!! (AND sometimes I giggle when I look at the fabrics and remember my dad wearing them--such a funny man!)

Thanks you two! These mean so much to us!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dear friends and family,

I like a clean house.

My house is a mess.

I hate to clean house.

I seem to only clean it when someone is coming to visit. So...anyone wanna come stay?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thought for the day:

Women are angels.

...and when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly...on a broomstick.

We are just flexible like that.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

They truly make me laugh

~ Sweetums and Little Man where all snuggled up in a big chair as she was reading him story books. He needed to go grab something so he politely asked her to "pause" the book please.

~ Yesterday I cleaned the house. My craft room was the only room that frustrated me as all the messes were from little hands. I cleaned it up and went on to another room while little hands messed it up again. I cleaned it again and this time had little hands help me. Later that night Pony Girl and I were enjoying a quiet moment reading while Little Man, Sweetums and Mr. KIR were downstairs playing. When they came up, Sweetums sat down and started to read while Little Man gave me a crafted gift. I inquired, "Did you guys make a mess in mommy's craft room?"

Little Man, wide eyed and guilty like, shook his head stating, "Nooooooooo."
Sweetums, without looking up, or even the slightest sound of regret in her voice announced, "YEP."