Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dear friends and family,

I like a clean house.

My house is a mess.

I hate to clean house.

I seem to only clean it when someone is coming to visit. So...anyone wanna come stay?


Traci said...

I sooo hear you on this. I am the same way. When visitors became infrequent, I had to start volunteering to host RS parties and stuff - Just can't seem to motivate myself otherwise.

Life with boys... said...

ooooh ooooh would so love to take you up on the offer, with baby boy coming in a couple months though I don't think I could make the drive alone and Bob has no extra time this year. How about this though, we ca "pretend" I am coming and I'll be there Saturday :D


Well I will be coming over Saturday, so that should be motivation to clean it up right :) lol jk. you are so silly your house was not messy at all when we came over last night.

Just so you know I am exactly the same way though. Thats why I brought the boots out to you instead of you coming here, our house was a mess haha! its clean now though i just spent 4 hours cleaning. That should tell you how bad it was considering we only live in a 2 bedroom apartment.

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