Tuesday, February 2, 2010

They truly make me laugh

~ Sweetums and Little Man where all snuggled up in a big chair as she was reading him story books. He needed to go grab something so he politely asked her to "pause" the book please.

~ Yesterday I cleaned the house. My craft room was the only room that frustrated me as all the messes were from little hands. I cleaned it up and went on to another room while little hands messed it up again. I cleaned it again and this time had little hands help me. Later that night Pony Girl and I were enjoying a quiet moment reading while Little Man, Sweetums and Mr. KIR were downstairs playing. When they came up, Sweetums sat down and started to read while Little Man gave me a crafted gift. I inquired, "Did you guys make a mess in mommy's craft room?"

Little Man, wide eyed and guilty like, shook his head stating, "Nooooooooo."
Sweetums, without looking up, or even the slightest sound of regret in her voice announced, "YEP."

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Holly said...

That picture makes me miss them so badly!!!!! Are you sure you don't want to bring them when you come to CA??