Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Calmness--my arss

A few weeks ago, I was doing laundry with the ever popular stackable washer dryer combo. I stuffed clothes in the washer, stood up and promptly whacked my head on the corner of the dryer door. O. U. C. H.! I immediately hit the floor whaling in pain. Mark sauntered down the stairs a few minutes later, stood over me, and calmly asked what happened. After I answered he said something like, "Hmm, did you know you are getting blood on the carpet?"

"W H A T?!?" I screeeeeeeeeamed. I sat up and sure enough, I was bleeding. The pain was seriously so bad I did not know. Not only was my hand a mess, my hair (which I had just washed in the shower like 10 minutes previous. grrrr) was matted and DARK red, and the blood started running down my forehead in thick streams.


I squawked, "Ummmmm. Do you think you could get me a rag or something?" He sauntered over and slowly got a rag. He then meandered my way, handed me a teeny, tiny, only corner moistened rag and said, "Well, we're out of milk. I'm going to head out and get some."

OH YES HE DID! Not a care for my well-being crossing his ever manly mind.

When he arrived home later and I was still bleeding, he said, "Huh, maybe you should have gone and gotten stitches."


And now, even though the wound is healed and the scar is covered by my bronze tresses...the emotional damage---well, it goes on and on and on and...


Holly said...

HAHA! That is SO Mark! Not being uncaring, just lack of emotional and go-with-the-flow. I hope he is not your only hope if you are ever drowning or anything!!!

Aimee said...

Oh no he did not! Kick him in the shin for me.

Life with boys... said...

Hi Jackie- this is Bob- this does not surprise me. I seem to remember Mark and his new wife (You!) along with motorcycle crash victims and a similar carefree attitude. At least he didn't help with rubbing alcohol!

On a seperate note (Nicole now) my stomach hurts!!! And the tears were rolling as I read this, cause I don't think Bob would respond much differently

Robyn said...

Wait, isnt he a volunteer firefighter who reponds to emergencies? Guess, when they are at home, they don't count.