Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I did not know that.

The other day I painted our door, Peacock Blue. Did you catch that color? PEACOCK BLUE.

Oh yes I did.

I am pretty sure the neighbors think a Cinco De Mayo party is on the verge of beginning early. I giggle every time I see it. (Our neighbor girl asked, "Why would you Do that?!)

Now, instead of re-painting it, (which would take approximately 3 hours-start to finish-set-up/clean-up included,) I have taken it on as my life's duty to figure out a way to make it work. Brilliant, right?! I KNOW!

So yesterday I got out the tub of flowers I should have gotten rid of YEARS ago, and decided to make a beautiful wreath. You know, to add to the ambiance of greatness surrounding our door. In the tub was a square of green floral foam (btw: I just spent 10 minutes looking for the name of the stupid stuff just for you.) I pulled out all the stuff I would need to create a breathtaking wreath and left the rest, foam included, for Little Man to entertain himself with. Jackpot! I watched as he pulled out all the flowers and the foam. He then hauled it onto the living room floor. You know, the floor you see right when you walk in our house. (As a side note, I am note quite sure as to why this is the favorite room to haul all the toys and junk into, but it is. I LOVE this fact!) I watched adoringly as he proceeded to stab the bajeebas out of the foam, making piles of green dust all over the floor. He then drove his dump trucks around gathering, loading, moving, and dumping the green dust piles from one living room location to another. All the while making loud and enjoyable truck noises.

After a good 2 hours, (YES that is how long it took me. Genius is not a fast process!) We cleaned up and vacuumed.

And vacuumed.

Did you know that green floral foam stains light tan carpet?

Well, now we all do.


Robyn said...

Why is the front room the favorite place to play? We have the same problem! Dolls everywhere. Or shoes and backpacks. So can I see a picture of your door?

Aimee said...

I too want a picture of your door! I gasped when I read that last part I never would have guessed it would stain the carpet.

And Crystal Bowersox so does not need a toothbrush! Lee DeWeeb are you serious?! (ok, really he's not bad but I really like Crystal)

Jake said...

All that and no picture? Come on!

--Sean Eyring

(I know it says "Jake" left this comment, but that's just my super-hero alter ego, so pay it no mind. ;)

Life with boys... said...

aaahhh! So have you come up with any ideas on getting said stains out?

How did your new wreath turn out?
And the door?

DIAZ BLOG said...

Hello.....PHOTO! I just must see the blue door with a beautiful wreath and the now green carpet!