Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You Know Your Child Is Shy When...

Pony Girl joined a service group this year at school. They did LOTS of things throughout the community. They cleaned up parks, school playgrounds, gathered and distributed books to local businesses, and earned money for Haiti. She loved it and I was so proud of her and her desire to serve. Today at school they honored her and the rest of the group. She thought it was great. She got in the car and proudly handed me this:

I immediately pointed out that this:
was NOT her name.

Without batting an eye she stated, "I know, but that's what Mrs. Harrell called me and we can just cross it out and put my real name."

"Whuuu? That is what she called you? ALL year? And you never thought to tell her otherwise?"


Turns out, PG never showed up for the group...but Jennifer Johnson did. Wasn't that nice of Jennifer? I sure think so! I am pretty sure when the group started the teacher called PG, Jennifer by mistake. PG was to shy to correct her. The real Jennifer never showed up so the confusion was never corrected. Oi!! At least Pony Girl is making a good name for the Johnson family!

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