Friday, June 18, 2010


I was gardening.
I am a PRO!
I planted my first garden the year Mr. KIR and I got married, and have planted one every year since.
For 14 years I have plowed, planted, weeded, and watered. So see, I am a P R O.

Over the years I have harvested enough food to last at least 2 minutes. One day a year. If I am the only one eating. And it's not a meal...just snack time.

So this year it will surprise no one that I planted again. My neighbors suggested putting straw over the unplanted/weed INFESTED areas to maybe improve my weed/plant growth ratio. They were even so nice as to donate a bail to the cause.

I began the distribution of said straw, and was feeling pretty good about the procedure. Until, UNTIL, I grabbed a big arm full and felt a hard, slimy, boney-like something. I dropped the pile and much to my chagrin, discovered this:

What IS that? WAIT...I DO NOT want to know!

This may be the year my professional gardening career comes to a close. Snack time for one will never be the same.


The Wisemans said...

it looks like an old spoiled cucumber seriously or maybe a zuchini (sp?)

jackie said...

Carly-you wish--oh wait "I" wish. I actually sat and inspected it a bit. And although the pix do not really show this, I think it may indeed be a rat's nose. DISGUSTING! It is def. something from a former living something.

Robyn said...

Totally gross! I couldn't tell what it was but yuck!

snakeriverwalton said...

eeeeiuw that is gross.

DIAZ BLOG said...

Uhhhhh, not sure what it is or really want to know? Gross!

Life with boys... said...

yeah I'd be done gardening too! I don't want to know what it is either!

Robyn said...

Oh - I'm SOOOO curious what it is, Jackie!

Holly said...

A rat's nose?! No way! It looks like something that has been castrated to me!