Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kid Talk

Pony Girl: "Look at Sweetums wearing her brown glasses with her black dress. Those Do Not match. That is why I got purple glasses, they match with everything!"


Robyn said...

Ha, ha! -L- keeps telling -K- that she doesn't match. I keep forgetting to check your blog since it doesn't update automatically anymore because you are private now. I will try to be better.

ju said...

Hey you! We miss your stinkin guts! Jane and I were singing "I love ... she loves me..." and I said "Ali?" Jane said, "No, Kackie" then "Uncle Bark" and "Sauson."
Ethan keeps checking the mail every day for letters from the girls. I am curious what he wrote in his letter to them. They both wrote them the night you left when they were in total agony and tears so I'm sure it was interesting!

Life with boys... said...

hehehe...didn't you know purple IS the NEW black!?!