Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh Yes I Did!

This morning we got up early, had an extremely healthy breakfast of granola bars on the run, and took Pony Girl to Tennis. I worked out while Little Man and Sweetums played at the park. We picked up PG and went straight to swimming lessons (mom and tot class included--yippee--) where PG and Sweetums rocked and LM whined, making him the most popular kid in class! Immediately after, we ran errands before heading home for lunch.

We were all exhausted and starving! The kids voted for Mac n Cheese and I began boiling water while I ran to the storage room for a box. My journey was wrought with whines of "death by starvation" threats from my personal peanut gallery if I did not hurry faster.

I was not amused.

When the noodles were finally ready, I melted the butter, poured the milk in and opened the packet of cheese. I dumped it in. I stopped.

The powdered cheese wanna be, was not the golden yellow of my accustom-ness, but rather a brownish yellow.


I stirred away and thought to myself, "Self, how old do you think that box o' food storage mac n cheese is? Should I feed it to the ravenous wolves I call kids, or make something different?"

I read the box: Best by August of 2007


I heard an "I'm huuuuungrrrryyyyyy", and folks, I dished it up and served it.

Oh Yes I Did.

I watched in anticipation: Nothing...not a peep.

I went upstairs for a shower. I giggled.

Guess the dates are just suggestions anyway.


Aimee said...

Love it :)

Life with boys... said...

Heehee...note to self, better go check those suggestion dates. On another note, We MISS you and I love my new necklaces!!!

Dunc said...

thanks Jackie! love to see your family! Chels

snakeriverwalton said...

I don't think powdered cheese could co bad. It just 'ages' and becomes more cheesy, right?