Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pioneer Day

Sweetums read in the Friend magazine that Pioneer's ate bread, milk, cheese, berries and Journey Cake while on the 1400 mile walk from Illinois to Utah. She insisted we eat the same thing for dinner, and boy was she in luck because her father MADE his mom keep this recipe:
So yesterday in honor of Pioneer Day...cause you know I have celebrated it every year of my life since....this year, we ate a wonderful pioneer meal.
We also made these fun rag dolls like the pioneers played with, and read stories from a GREAT book called, "I Walked To Zion".
Thanks Sweetums. It was fun!!


Robyn said...

Where did you grow up? Utah or something? Way to go Molly, making dolls and everything. Today I subbed in Primary. We sang pioneer songs. I thought of you when you were the song leader in Primary. Not sure why the memory popped up, but made me miss you guys.

Life with boys... said...

Oh I love those sweet little faces, misses you all bunches!! Love the pioneer homage too!

The Wisemans said...

love every bit of it!