Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have admired runner people FoReVeR! I would look longingly at them running by me and think, "Oh self--I wish I could muster enough gumption to get my big butt off the couch, find my tennis shoes, put them on and then uhhum...RUN!"

Well, folks, I DID IT! Yep, my girlfriend convinced me to do the 4 for the 4th that Habitat for Humanity sponsors each Fourth of July. So I found my shoes, put them on and RAN. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Did I say ran? I meant walked, tried to run, thought, I just might die, stopped running, walked etc. etc. etc.

AND FOLKS. I made it to the finish line. And I. DID. NOT. DIE.

I did almost throw up though.
Nice shot of Pony Girl--obviously she was MUCH enthused to be up at the crack of dawn to stand idly by and watch her mother do nothing as they were late and missed my grand crossing of the finish line.

And the beautiful lady behind/side us is Lesa--our friend and bishops wife. Her husband also ran (really, he did run. Not like another person who ran/came close to death, walked...) He came in close to the front...not like me who came in close to last. Seriously only 9 people behind me:)

Oh, and while running-- drinking the water the nice volunteers hand you and then throwing the cups willy nilly on the ground--BEST FEELING EVER!!!


Robyn said...

Jackie - you are the best!
You look good, too!

Lynne said...

Hey ~ you didn't throw up and if you had so what ~~ some people poo their pants! Ew...but true. Cheers!

snakeriverwalton said...

way to go.