Monday, August 9, 2010

Life In These Here United States

It is 105 degrees here. OH YES IT IS. With humidity--that is like 3000 degrees/ Deodorant NOT optional/glisten all the day long/need a shower morning noon and night degrees! So what have we been up to?

Mr KIR and his cousin have been doing this:What are they CRAZY? Shesh, it's not like Mrs. KIR begged Mr. KIR to Puleeeese do this even though it is unruly hot and you only have one day to complete it and you are saving money up for a new tractor and would have to use some of it for this project PULEEEESE? I think Mr. Cousin just felt bad for Mr. Kir and gave up his tickets to see a play with his wife and girlies to me so he could help. What a guy! (Seriously Mr. Cousin: THANK YOU!!)

The kids have been doing this: and this:I on the other hand, have been doing this:
Ahhh, it's a good life!


DIAZ BLOG said...

ahhhh.....lovely deck! Does it get any better???

Life with boys... said...

You look GREAT!!!! Oh how I miss you all, and I so wish I was there because I can think of a few handy helpers on my end...and I just so happen to keep a folding chair in the car!

David said...

That is so not a flattering picture of me...Not at all!

P.S. he didnt mind giving up the tickets the only thing that matters to him is that the girls have fun!

P.P.S. The deck looks WONDERFUL!!!