Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Losing Situation

About 5 years ago I broke this:Yep, the diamond-ola in my beautiful wedding ring. Ugh, I know. But luckily, the prongs on that thing are like the steel gates of the BIG house and nothing was coming out of their grasp without some serious effort. WONDERFUL right?


When I called our insurance company, I was informed that if I LOSE the ring it is covered. But, to BREAK the diamond: NOPE! (Sooooooo...If I go outside and throw it as far as I can in our neighbors pond.....)

So for 5 long years I have worn that ring EVERYWHERE and tried with all my might to forget, lose, drop, drown, get stolen, misplace, or displace the thing. But alas, I still am wearing it on my petite, beautiful, youth-like finger. I know, right!?!?!

However, I got this 5 MONTHS ago:
AND have not been able to find it for days! Go figure!


snakeriverwalton said...

figures. i'm sure it will turn up in the wash my like ipod- oops.

Robyn said...

I couldn't find mine for a while. Then in turned up in the dress up box. HMMM. I think this will be the first place I look now.

Life with boys... said...

so have you found it yet?

If not just tell yourself to lose ait and maybe it will come a running back...