Monday, August 16, 2010

Gardenings End

My High School friend loves to garden as much as I do. Well, maybe love is too strong a word for my feelings, but hers I am sure are love. She not only gardens veggies as I do, but she also has beautiful flower gardens. Last year she posted about her gourd/pumpkin success here.
When I saw her gourd/pumpkin success, I was amazed!! I thought, "Self, this next year when I have garden success (I mean I have been gardening for 14 years) I am going to post my photos and lists as well.

So as the gardening year comes to a close here in Illinois, I started making a list of all the pre-growth work :
1 large garden plot tilled by Mr. Friendly neighbor and his tractor.
24 bags of fertilizer and new dirt added to soil.
1 new raspberry box built and raspberry's transplanted to new home.
1 addition added on to strawberry box and 20 or so new strawberry plants added.

6 tomato plants--pre-grown by Rural King (start height 6 inches tall.)
6 cucumber mounds with 4 or 5 seeds each (to be thinned out as growth permits.)
3 pumpkin mounds with 4/5 seeds each (thinning out done as well.)
1 entire row of corn (using entire package of seeds.)
1 cilantro plant -pre-grown by Rural King (starting height 6 inches tall.)

~Additional work:
1 bail of straw (donated by neighbors) evenly distributed to reduce weed/plant growth.
6 tomato guards inserted around beautiful tomato plants.
1 new hose purchased to make daily watering possible.
2 new sprinklers purchased as one was broken when opened and we were to lazy to take it back right away, and then little man played with it as if it were his personal arrow-head dagger, used to kill/squash bugs and punch holes in our dirt, umm, I mean grass.
Weeding--lots and lots of weeding.

I then gathered my produce into piles for pictures.
Yep, that's it. Did you see the yuckiness of that lone tomato? The size was just as depressing: I had Mr. KIR mow the thing done Friday. I could not stand the taunts from it any longer. Seriously WHY do I do this every year?


Life with boys... said...

I think it is to tempt fate of thine allergies in hopes that this year, will be THE year! Love you! and your determination too!

snakeriverwalton said...

I can share some cucmbers with you becuase we have had amazing yield- however only 3 red tomatoes to date and this morning I felt a true chill in the air. This has been a terrible garden year. Don't take it personally.