Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Photos

We had family pictures taken last weekend in our backyard--They turned out GORGEOUS!! I mean really folks--who knew we were THAT gorgeous of a faimly? Our photographer--that's who. She is amazing! (Check out her site here.) There were so many good ones it has been extremely hard to choose which ones to order for the walls. 
She also was kind enough to include the, how do you say...NOT so attractrive shots. I shall share those first:
Have you read the book: Daisy Head Maisy?:

Mickey is in the houuuuse:

Little Man...enough said:

Pony Girl: Is that really what you look like when you laugh? I think NOT:

 Just practicing for the Miss Bagel Fest pageant:


 Uncle Sam Wants You...and apparently so does Little Man:


Check back later for the good ones. I seriously CANNOT choose which ones to display--to many good ones!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I went shopping with two of the three gray hair givers I bred. Our Sole purpose--new athletic shoes for Sweetums.

We went to EvErY store in the mall that sold shoes. She HATED all the girls shoes, but begrudgingly tried them on because she was FORCED to. Finally at the last store with shoes available, she finally decided to purchase boys black and red high-tops. Phew! All the while Little Man kept himself and every other human within the shopping arena entertained by running directly to the "unmentionables" department at each stop. He focused on caressing, patting, smelling and squishing all the BRAziers with his cute -yet creeperish-- little hands and face every time his mom turned her back.

A good time was had by all.

Friday, September 17, 2010

House Rules

These three have gone to a whole new level of "make their mommy grossed out and want to scream yet holding it all in and calmly stating the HOUSE RULES."
House Rules
2. Bugs and such are only allowed in JARS designated with the words "BUG" on them.
3. Critters found in our yard DO NOT want to live in bags in your room. They will escape as death is eminent if they do not! (It is kind of eminent if they do as well...but that is completely beside the point)
4.ALWAYS Refer to Rule Number one if you have any questions or doubts about your actions!!!

Why do I need to remind my critters of these rules? Because I found THIS on my kitchen counter
Yep. Just Sitting There. Hanging Out. Huge and Slimy. Next to the sink. 
Reminder of House Rules NEEDED--Promptly!

After we went over and over the rules, we made Toady this house for the night:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Birthday Growth

This little bugger had a birthday.

The morning of, he woke me up bright and early all dressed and ready. He loudly exclaimed, "Mom, Look! Today I'm 5 and my 4 year old clothes still fit!"

He later asked me, "Mom, now that I am 5 do I sound different?"
"Oh, yes," I said, "You sound much older."

"I know!" He stated, "I don't sound like a girl anymore."