Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Photos

We had family pictures taken last weekend in our backyard--They turned out GORGEOUS!! I mean really folks--who knew we were THAT gorgeous of a faimly? Our photographer--that's who. She is amazing! (Check out her site here.) There were so many good ones it has been extremely hard to choose which ones to order for the walls. 
She also was kind enough to include the, how do you say...NOT so attractrive shots. I shall share those first:
Have you read the book: Daisy Head Maisy?:

Mickey is in the houuuuse:

Little Man...enough said:

Pony Girl: Is that really what you look like when you laugh? I think NOT:

 Just practicing for the Miss Bagel Fest pageant:


 Uncle Sam Wants You...and apparently so does Little Man:


Check back later for the good ones. I seriously CANNOT choose which ones to display--to many good ones!


snakeriverwalton said...

love the chair!

DIAZ BLOG said...

if these are the "bad" ones....I am anxiously awaiting the good ones!

Robyn said...

Ha, ha, i enjoyed your picture commentary. We will try to do our family picts in Mauritius in December. Hoping it goes well. Thank goodness I can photoshop!

Marci said...

I Love them and your hair looks fabulous!!!