Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Basketball Lessons

This year Pony Girl decided to go out for basketball. Teams were chosen and at the last minute a set of two girls were moved from PG's team because of a practice time scheduling conflict, to another team and in their place two of PG's really good friends joined her team. This placed PG with four of her bestest friends on her team. WHOOT WHOOT!!!
She is Number 41
Tonight, they had their first game--against the team the two were traded to. They lost. I mean L.O.S.T. like 46 to 8 lost. Now granted the other team had some skill! They were pretty dang good. (The two traded were really good--and really good ball stealers.) BUT...THE ENTIRE TEAM WAS NOT NICE ABOUT THE WIN--EVEN THE COACH!!! I mean glotation devices were used and some of the parents of said team were not any better. I was a bit hot under the collar--and not just because the heat in the gym was like 100*--humidity and pre-teen sweat stench surrounding.
When I got in the car I noticed a girlfriend had called and called her back. Her daughter is on PG's team, but had to miss the game. They wanted to know how it went. When PG was not in hearing range, I told her. Being that this is 5th and 6th graders and the whole premise of these teams is to get the girls experience for older teams and to learn sportsmanship, I got a bit more disappointed in the behavior than when I was at the actual event. She suggested I call the teacher liaison about the other OBVIOUS (pushing down, pulling of jerseys, telling PG to shut-up while letting for her team know she was open to receive the ball, etc....) unsportsmanlike behavior. I seriously was going to do it. BUT...
FOLKS--my Pony Girl--oh I love her, stopped me dead in my disappointed tracks. When I walked in the room to her minutes after hanging up the phone, she said, "Man, even though with the two girls who were traded would have helped us out, I am soooo glad B and C are on my team! I never want to be mean like that team."
(not that B and C are in anyway bad, just that they were the ones the two were traded with. And not that it was only those two being aggressive and unsportsmanlike.) 

IS THAT NOT WONDERFUL! WoNdErFuL!! Don't get me wrong, I do not want to see my girl or her team get tromst on again like that, and we gave her pointers on her strategy for tomorrows game and will continue to work with her on her aggressiveness, but I am sure glad she knows the important thing is life. She teaches me, she calms me, she amazes me.