Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our Early Christmas Present

Oh Oh Oh, Mr. KIR and I's Christmas present arrived today! We even get to open and use it early!
"What is it?" "What is it?" you ask. WELL...
I was going to get him THIS:

But, as is the usual case in everyday life, something better came along. 

It all started with me cooking...
Tuesday night I made yummy cream cheese crock pot chicken for dinner. Ten minutes before it was done, I boiled the noodles and then did this:

Yes indeedy -- I set the crock pot lid on the HOT burner and finished up dinner. The lid proceeded to make pretty bubble-like decore and then stuck hard and fast to the lovely glass stove top. And when big, strong Mr. Kir came along and saw the dilemma, he used his ever manly musckley arms to yank it off. Which then caused the GLASS TOP to do this:                               

So instead, Mr. KIR and I get to get this for Christmas:                                                                            
Don't be jealous. If I ever visit, I'll be  more than happy to cook a meal for you and let my natural abilities bless your life as well.


DIAZ BLOG said...

don't ya just love those surprise Christmas presents.....we got a new dishwasher two years ago....lovely little thing!

snakeriverwalton said...

my husband has ruined two of my stove tops in the 7 years we've lived in this house. Currently, after he used oven cleaner on the gas range, I have to light the stove by hand because he melted the flint thingies (I don't actually know what they're called) so that it won't auto light. Enjoy your stove and forgive your hubby- at least they try hard.

Life with boys... said...