Monday, January 17, 2011

Garage Bliss

The weather here in this lovely state is Freezing Cold right now. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? Freezing Cold! We recently had winds at 50 miles an hour. Strong enough to crease our garage door right through the middle. Yes in deedy do--smooshed it like an aluminum can under the moving tire of the expedition beast I drive. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Not I said this fly!!
Of course it happened on the coldest day of the century with snow pelting us at every whim. Of course it happened while Mr. KIR had fled the country. Of course it would not open therefore causing me and the gremlins I'm raising to have to use the front door causing the strong winds to catch said door, ripping it from it's hinges at every opening. Of course when I called to have it fixed it would be over a month before a high wind door could be purchased, ordered, delivered and installed. Of course during said such wait it rained and snowed so much there were a few days the doors of previously mentioned vehicle were frozen shut and ice surrounded the exterior of the thing.
Of course insurance paid for it and it is now installed and BEAUTIFUL!

Oh how I love my new garage door. Oh how thankful I am for garages and the yumminess that is entering and exiting a vehicle from the warmth and protection of said garage.

Of course... Mr. KIR is gone and has not had the pleasure of seeing it yet.


snakeriverwalton said...

wow. you're having as much luck as I am lately. enjoy your new door.

Life with boys... said...

I wanna see the new door. Does it look any different?