Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kid Talk

Recently, I enlisted my offspring in the ever popular rotating cycle of dishwasher loading. They were all overjoyed.

After a particularly normal amount of loading done by Little Miss Sweetums, she informed me, "Loading the dishwasher is the stupidest chore ever and I hate it."

I mentioned ever so sweetly, "Yes it indeed is a yuck-ola job, one that I have been doing without child labor for the last 15 years."

She pondered on this with a serious scowl on her gorgeous face before yelling in NO UNCERTAIN terms, "FINE--we will do it for the next 15 years, but then YOU are going back to doing it BY YoUrSeLf!"


DIAZ BLOG said...

"I'll take it!" would be my comeback! A 15 yr break????

Life with boys... said...

awesome so the way i figure that will be about the time you move on to the finer china of life. aka disposable Chinette right?