Sunday, February 27, 2011


Little Miss Sweetums has begged for bangs for awhile now. Since I am a good mom, as soon as the "can I have bangs?" question was out of her mouth I'd promptly tell her "NO WAY! Bangs are a pain in the butt and I hate them."

She, being the good daughter would smirkily state, "Well, it is MY hair and I want them, I will just cut them myself."

Since Pony Girl had cut her own hair twice when she was three and four and Sweetums hair when she was three, the likely hood of that happening was very real! I fought within myself about which was worse--discovering she cut them herself and dealing with THOSE kind of bangs for months or cutting them myself and realizing the annoyances were MY fault.

I was not sure. But with Mr. KIR out of the country and me out of my mind, I finally relented.

When we finished, she was ecstatic. She climbed into bed with, "I am so beautiful, I am the loveliest girl in all the world..." thoughts filling her head.

Me, I just breathed in deep and told myself, "They will grow out, they will grow out, over and over again."

The next morning, I was jarred awake (6:00am) by screams of distraughtness as little miss was whaling and weeping and pulling at her bangs with all her might.

She had looked in the mirror and realized bangs are awful and wanted them CUT OFF NOW!

Ummm, Seriously?
So, I did what any good mother would do, I got out the electric clippers and ...

Friday, February 25, 2011


I came across Sweetums 3rd grade journal and thought I'd share some of her randomness.

I absolutely love the pom poms she carries around now, how she will still be wearing pony tails with big bows when she is 27, and how she will need a cane when she is a mere 57 years old.
This next one is just so HER!
(Just for the record-there is NOT junk in her dad's car--Mr. KIR is crazy about NO TRASH of any kind in his car.)

This one made me ROLL my eyes on so many levels! (Remember why here). I do however wonder, "Who are Marta and Hector?"
 And the final one:
One day she will ThAnK mE for not letting her "smell like rotten stuff" I promise!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Scripture Lessons

My kiddos love the animated scripture stories. We have several Veggie Tales, Nest Bible Stories, and Living Scripture videos. They are so good at teaching and reinforcing the lessons we teach. Prime examples 1 and 2.

1. Last night as we were having family scripture study (and by family scripture study I mean one adult reading the scriptures while the other adult reminds with stern-ish looks to one of the offspring who is sneakily reading another book on the side, gently reminding another offspring in a nice but not so nice whisper to stop jumping and singing, while the other "lucky" offspring gets away with playing with the hyper and barking dog because the non reading parent only has a certain amount discipline she can dish out whilst listening (ha) herself.) we were reading about Daniel and the Lion's Den. After we finished Little Man said, "Mom, did you know that while Daniel was in with the lions he ate Pizza?"
      Thank you Veggie Tales...I did NOT know that.

2. About three years ago a Primary Leader was teaching about David and Goliath. She explained that Goliath was taunting the Israelite armies and daring any to fight him. She then asked the children, "Do any of you know what David did during this time?" Pony Girl raised her hand and stated, "Yes, he sang a song."
       Thank you Living Scriptures as indeed he DID sing a little ditty!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kid Talk

Little Man: "Mom, Pippi pooped and can I have a donut?"