Friday, February 25, 2011


I came across Sweetums 3rd grade journal and thought I'd share some of her randomness.

I absolutely love the pom poms she carries around now, how she will still be wearing pony tails with big bows when she is 27, and how she will need a cane when she is a mere 57 years old.
This next one is just so HER!
(Just for the record-there is NOT junk in her dad's car--Mr. KIR is crazy about NO TRASH of any kind in his car.)

This one made me ROLL my eyes on so many levels! (Remember why here). I do however wonder, "Who are Marta and Hector?"
 And the final one:
One day she will ThAnK mE for not letting her "smell like rotten stuff" I promise!


Lynne said...

The last one's my favorite - that's hillarious. Maybe she's confusing Mr. Kir's soda can collection with trash! haha

Robyn said...

Haha. Loved reading these. Maybe if I tell -L- she smells like rotten stuff, she would shower more. We call her Stinkerbell!

Life with boys... said...

:D I love me some SWEETUMS!!!!