Monday, March 7, 2011


Mr. KIR comes from a long line of pilers. He walks in the door, piles whatever is in his manly hands wherever it lands and goes on his way. GRRRRRR.

The first part of our marriage I tried relentlessly to break him of this annoying, junk dumping habit. I failed. He was happy. I was not happy.

So I did what any good wife would do. I threw stuff away. I simply let the piles sit--waited quietly--if not impatiently--then chucked away. I was happy. He was oblivious.

Many months passed.
He caught on. He was not happy.
So when I started seeing this near the phone:

I was not happy. I bought this: 
He filled it up right away. I was happy. He was happy.
But soon after I found this:
He was happy. I was not. We discussed the matter.
We agreed, his handy, dandy caddy near the phone was all about his piles and by all means honey, PILE away; And as long as I find no more piles anywhere near my vicinity all will be well. I was happy. He was well informed.
I soon started to see the above pile again. Hmmmm. Maybe I had not make myself clear.
I cleared the confusion up by buying this:

He was happy. I was happy.
But recently I have found this:
I am not happy.


DIAZ BLOG said...

I really need to send you a photo of my "pile" would schedule an intervention!!! They drive me crazy too but I seem to always have one right by the phone!

snakeriverwalton said...

is that a shotglass on the most recent pile? perhaps you should just fill it up and then forget all about piles and everything else? jk of course.

Aimee said...

I SOOOO feel your pain! Kent is also a piler and it drives me INSANE!!!! He also is from a long line of pilers. I don't dare throw away though, I'd be in big trouble. But I really should go through the house sometime and take pictures of all of them. (A few of his Christmas presents are still in a pile in the chair in our bedroom!!!)

Robyn said...

Sorry, I am a piler myself. I do clean up my piles occasionally though. Right now there are two piles right by my computer.

david said...

I LOVE IT!!! I am the same way though just ask David he too HATES it. I simply have explained to him my "MESS" is totally organized and I know RIGHT where to find things at (which he can never do he losses things ALL the time) just doesnt always look the best, but ask me where something is and I can go to the correct "PILE" and get for you. Sorry! :)

Life with boys... said...


Sammy N' Sarah said...

I'm sorry, but I think this is hilarious. Your attitude about the whole situation is simply charming ;)