Friday, March 25, 2011

Thoughts From A Crazy Women

First: Mr. KIR has fled the country-AGAIN. Third time this year. It's March. He has 50,000 miles racked up with frequent flier program this year alone. (BTW figured out why they are called frequent flier miles--Because the flight attendants see the same people exiting the plane yet again and say That FREAK WENT on another trip so DAMN soon?!?) (I have not figure out why they changed the spelling to freq... Maybe to protect the FREAKS from knowing what the attendants are talking about?)

Second: I am blessed to have a loving Heavenly Father and MANY friends and family members close to help when things go wrong. NOTICE: I said when and not if.

Third: I don't like him traveling so much, but it is what it is and I am okay with this. (Why? refer to #2 please)

Fourth: My friend, whom we shall call Dathy, has a husband who is gone for MONTHS at a time and I was amazed by her before Mr. KIR started traveling, but since he has..she is my HERO.

Fifth: I hate 13 year old SUV's that happen to park in my garage.

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