Friday, April 22, 2011

Kid Talk

Positive Little Man has a career in songwriting in the future because he was singing this little ditty yesterday, and I'm pretty sure he wrote it himself:

"Gonna save my family, 'cause I love 'em so much, love 'em so much. Gonna stay with them forever, 'cause I love 'em so much, love 'em so much. They're the best family ever in the whole wide world. Love 'em so much, love 'em so much"

Chorus: "Never stay gone. Never stay gone. Live with 'em forever 'cause I love 'em so much, love 'em so much."

Repeat...a bazillion times.

Kid Talk

Little Man: "Mom, are you ready for the day?"

Mom: "Getting there."

Little Man: "Have you gotten dressed? Made your Bed? Poked your eyebrows?"


Little Miss Sweetums had a music concert at school. She did wonderful. Her grade did this really fun number where the kids put on white gloves, turned off the overhead lights, turned on black lights and did the handjive. AWESOME!
Interestingly enough, this sweet little boy behind her
had a strange fascination with her hair. He played with it the entire concert. He lifted it high above her head, pulled it straight out sideways, and swayed it back and forth. (I failed to get a good picture of it--grrrr) He is one of several mainstreamed autistic kids in her grade, and she adores him. When he grabbed the first handful of her beautiful locks, I thought for sure she would panic. She is a shy little one and doesn't like to be singled out in any type of spotlight. However, the girls eyes simply got a silly little look. She then smiled a knowing smile at me and kept on singing like nothing was going on back there. So proud of her!

I know this little boy was able to do so well during the concert because he had something to distract him from the noise, lights, heat, and massive amounts of people. She lovingly sacrificed her comfort for his. As a mom, my heart swelled and wanted to burst with giggles--oh wait I DID do that, I meant wanted to shed a few tears of proud compassion, as she behaved as a Christ-like little one. I hope his mom knows how much this little boy has taught my little one, myself, and many, many other folks involved in the school system.

Counter Caught

Little Man, THIS is only ONE reason why I have continually told you NOT to climb on the counters.

Next time, I'm leaving you there!

Some Stuff

I have planted and cared for extensive gardens for the past 15 years! My success rate is Zilch-o! But, let Pony Girl bring home a soy bean in a cup that's been kid handled for a few days and then bumpily brought home and sloshed on the counter, spilling some of the dirt and exposing the roots with the off handed instructions as she runs off to, "Hey Mom, water this and stuff please."  Do so...kind of...and end up with this:

In other news: Mr. KIR bought a new toy:
It comes with all the bells and whistles (man I sound like a redneck--well if you live with the monkeys long enough...)  He and all the kids LOVE it! They have taken many a ride around the yard. Wonder how long that will last once the kiddos figure out it is not a toy so much as a work experience waiting to happen.