Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Stuff

I have planted and cared for extensive gardens for the past 15 years! My success rate is Zilch-o! But, let Pony Girl bring home a soy bean in a cup that's been kid handled for a few days and then bumpily brought home and sloshed on the counter, spilling some of the dirt and exposing the roots with the off handed instructions as she runs off to, "Hey Mom, water this and stuff please."  Do so...kind of...and end up with this:

In other news: Mr. KIR bought a new toy:
It comes with all the bells and whistles (man I sound like a redneck--well if you live with the monkeys long enough...)  He and all the kids LOVE it! They have taken many a ride around the yard. Wonder how long that will last once the kiddos figure out it is not a toy so much as a work experience waiting to happen.

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ju said...

your bro wants to visit so he can mow the lawn lickety-split! He's impressed.