Friday, May 20, 2011

No backtalking you high schooler boy - you!

Recently Mr. KIR needed a part for our old clunker. He called the local joint and of course they did not have it because we live in a small town. However, they would order it for him. Great! They told him it would be in the next day.

I went in at noon. The young high school-er could not find the part and asked when we had ordered it. I being the non-ordering party did not have a clue, and since I left my phone in the car, asked if  I might borrow the one on the counter DIRECTLY in front of the young worker dude. He sneeringly looked at me and said, "What?"

I repeated my request. He moved his hand two inches and pushed the phone my way and rolling his eyes at me said, "Uhhh ya, I guess, it's totally inconvenient."

I ignored said comment and called Mr. KIR. After info was exchanged, Worker Boy told me it would be in at 3:30.  I left.

I came back at 3:30. No part. Worker Boy told me it would not be in until 4:00.

I came back at 4:15. No part.

Seems, Mr. Worker Boy forgot to order it.

"Hmmmmmm, "  I thought to myself .

I smiled and kindly asked, "Is your manager available?"

When the OWNER came to the front..Worker Boy did not join him. I informed the owner of my coming THREE times and the part not being ordered situation. He apologized profusely.

I said, "Hey, no problem, these things happen. That is not why I asked to speak to you. See, this situation,(make swirling motions with your hands and use your kind head voice please) a bit inconvenient for me." He acknowledged that this was an inconvenience and again was sorry.

I then informed him of Worker Boys RUDE "inconvenient" comment and stated how if I had had another option of place to get the part, I would probably not have returned. I thought it may be a good idea to teach Worker Boy that maybe pushing the phone two inches was NOT so much of an inconvenience as he may have previously thought. The owner was truly sorry and told me he would take care of it.

Ahhh. Sometimes living in a small town is a pain. Sometimes being old and not caring what anyone thinks of you---not so much!


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you go girl....I would think that worker boy might want to remember that jobs are likely hard to come by in a small town and he would probably like to keep his.....soooo it would be best to play nice!!!