Friday, July 15, 2011


Recently Sweetums was informed that next week she and Little Man would be starting swimming lessons.

The freaking out began immediatley. I knew my shy little one would not be happy with the prospect of unfamiliarness. She never is. But I have learned that warning her and dealing with pre fallout is MUCH better than dealing with the AT the unfamiliar event fallout!

I also know the first initial reaction moment is not her best discussion/listening moment either. So I ignored it.

The moment passed...until bed time arrived.

After she had a few calming minutes, she must have reviewed the day in her head and remembered my ignoration of her freak out. She showed up in my room with game face on! She sat in the comfy chair and informed me she was NOT going to swimming lessons~EVER!

I told her it was late and we would discuss it in the morning.

She quickly stated, "Whatever, but I am not leaving this chair until you tell me I do not have to go to swimming lessons."

Birds chirped and crickets sang while I contently browsed my Samsung Tab.

After about five minutes she quipped, "Well, aren't you going to say it?"

I gigglingly said, "Um...No"

She humphed off to bed with all sorts of whispered shananaganisms under her breathe. I'd say a proud victory for semi insane parenting was accomplished!


P3 said...

Seriously girl, where do all these words come from? ignoration, shanaaganisms LOVE IT!

Life with boys... said...