Monday, July 11, 2011

Tennis: Old Lady Style

Do you see this sweet, innocent face?
UH HUH! THIS is the young man with whom I thought I was going to play tennis with.

is the young man that showed up:)

ERGO, this is how I ended up:

With these beauties as my trophies for a match well played:

Did he not know I am an old women and he needed to be careful as my bones are brittle and I surely could have broken a hip! Sheesh! Rematch anytime sweet, innocent one--aNyTiMe!

(photos of AWESOME tennis player compliments of: lsophotography)


Lynne said...

haha! Er...I mean...are you alright?

Wow - I see how he's really changed when I look at those two pictures near each other.

Tennis match again soon? Just let us know!

Life with boys... said...

Oh goodness...better stick to running marathons. :D