Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Swimming is going fine. HA! Both kids LOVE it and can't wait to go every afternoon! Are you all saying phew in your wee little heads? Ahh, I knew she would like them!

Now on to bigger news: People I am going camping? DID YOU HEAR ME? Camping?!! What in the name of all things holy convinced me that this would be a good idea? The thought of seeing the younger brother and family of his that I love so much--that's what! I am telling you Peedge--it had better be fun or our friendship is ruined--ruined I tell ya!


P3 said...

How fun!!! We all went camping in the 2nd week of July - 25 of us. The kids loved it and have such wonderful memories. Plus we had a camper to sleep in so it was so nice.

I sure miss you!

Life with boys... said...

I cannot wait to hear how it went. See you so soon! By the way totally need to take pics of the family for you, my treat!
We will be there late Tues night...I am so giddy I could squeal!

Joy said...

We love that brother of yours too!! Hope he and his family are doing good :) I am trying to get caught up on the blog. We haven't sold our house in ID yet, but are in CO already. I will keep posting and you can read about our adventures.