Monday, August 29, 2011

Sights like this make my momma heart melt:

Remember when these were all the craze?
For like 2 seconds? And we went in search of specific packages and sizes far and wide? Me too.
So when I found a large and messy pile under someones bed and suggested to that someone that maybe they could be thrown out since we have not worn, worried about, traded, played with, or cleaned them up in who knows how long, I was surprised by the immediate and 20 second lasting reaction I got from that someone.

Okay, maybe not that surprised...


This little Bugger goes outside without shoes on all the time.
ERGO he also gets stung by Bees and spears large splinters ALL THE TIME. It drives Mr. KIR crazy and we are constantly reminding him to "Put Shoes On Please." So today when he decided to go pick me this Beautiful flower:

I was so happy to see he threw caution to the wind, put on Sweetums fancy flip flops, and went a pickin'.


Look at this CUTE hair style I did for Pony Girl:

Look at the reaction I got for my efforts before she ripped the "do" out:

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Our family vacation went off without a hitch. AND I only had an "I'm camping and you are all pushing your limits with me" moment once. AND I was totally justified as they lured me into the car with thoughts of a day of Sylvan Lake enjoyment only to park, get out, and announce an 8 mile up-hill hike first!!!! UHUM---YES! that would be asking too much!

In fact, I was so well behaved, as we were packing and getting ready to head home my brother and sister-in-law mentioned how great it had been and stated, "You would do this again right?!?"

My reply, "SUUUUURE as long a very nice RV (Ruiner of Vacations as Mr. KIR calls them--complete with shower and potty) is being pulled behind our Expedition - which of course would be hauling bikes, canoe, and four wheelers of course!) And sure, I'll do it again:)